A World of Opportunities

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guest: Dr. Moses Tesi

Synopsis: Dr. Moses Tesi, a professor of political science, explains MTSU’s master’s degree in international relations, a unique advanced degree that can prepare students for careers in diplomacy, law enforcement, or philanthropic work with nongovernmental organizations.

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The Writer’s Loft

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guest: Karen Alea Ford

Synopsis: Karen Alea Ford, an adjunct professor of English and director of The Writer’s Loft, describes the non-degree certificate program that helps budding authors hone their skills and learn how to get published with help from experienced, published writers.

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The Advocate in You!

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guests: Joshua Rigsby and Elizabeth Villasana

Synopsis: Joshua Rigsby, president of MT Lambda, and Elizabeth Villasana, a member of MT Lambda, explain SpringOut! Pride Week, a celebration of the LGBT+ community at MTSU, the week of April 7, and the inaugural LGBT+ College Conference, a gathering of LGBT+ university students from across the state, slated for April 10-12.

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Alumni Spring Weekend

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guest: Paul Wydra

Synopsis: The assistant director of MTSU Alumni Relations explains Alumni Spring Weekend, an opportunity for graduates to revisit their alma mater and keep up with its progress, April 10-12.

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The Medium is the Message and the Madness

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guest: Dr. Bob Pondillo

Synopsis: Dr. Bob Pondillo, a professor in the MTSU Department of Electronic Media Communication, discusses a new textbook he edited titled “American Media and Social Institutions.” The accessible, user-friendly college-level textbook covers everything from the telegraph to love songs.

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The Buchanan Clan

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guest: Dr. Reuben Kyle

Synopsis: “From Nashborough to the Nobel Prize” is the title of a book by Dr. Reuben Kyle, retired professor of economics at MTSU. With adjunct history professor Dr. Kevin H. Cason, Kyle tracks the family of MTSU alumnus and Nobel laureate James McGill Buchanan from their origins in the Cumberland Gap to Buchanan’s siblings and children.

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Who’s Really the Disabled One?

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guest: Dr. Katie Foss

Synopsis: Dr. Katie Foss of the MTSU School of Journalism is teaching a new course titled “Media and Disability” in the spring 2014 semester. It examines how the mass media depict people with both physical and psychological disabilities, taking a close look at news, advertising, reality television and other platforms.

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Roadblocks to Fitness

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guest: Dr. Mark Anshel

Synopsis: The professor of exercise science and author of “Applied Health Fitness Psychology” explains how to develop healthy fitness habits and why unhealthy habits are so hard to break.

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The Fungus Among Us

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guests: Dr. Sarah Bergemann and Fernanda Karstedt

Synopsis: With graduate student Fernanda Karstedt, Dr. Sarah Bergemann of the MTSU Department of Biology has studied mushrooms that grow in the Sao Paolo region of Brazil, where several new species have been discovered.

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A Veteran of the Movement

Producer/Host: Gina Logue
Guest: Dr. Cleveland Sellers

Synopsis: MTSU’s celebration of Black History Month includes keynote speaker Dr. Cleveland Sellers, president of Voorhies College in Denmark, S.C. Sellers was the only person arrested at the “Orangeburg Massacre,” a peaceful demonstration that became violent when white law enforcement officers opened fire on the campus of South Carolina State University in 1968.

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