In the News: MTSU faculty share expertise on wide ...

In the News: MTSU faculty share expertise on wide range of topics

Through various national media outlets, MTSU faculty, staff and students revealed wide-ranging expertise on various subjects lately, including body image, sexual harassment, Taylor Swift, Albert Gore, and sleep deprivation.

• Dr. Ngee Sing Chong, a chemistry professor, told the Louisville Courier-Journal about new discoveries of helium in an article published Oct. 22. It is available here.

• Kent Syler, an assistant professor of political science and international relations, revealed the content of archived letters written by the late U.S. Sen. Albert Gore. The article, which was published Oct. 29 in The New York Times, can be read here.

Dr. Ngee Sing Chong, chemistry professor

Dr. Ngee Sing Chong

Kent Syler, assistant professor, political science

Kent Syler

Dr. Patrick McCarthy, psychology

Dr. Patrick McCarthy

• Dr. Patrick McCarthy, a professor of psychology, opined about sexual harassment in response to allegations about country music promoter Kirt Webster, Nov. 5 for The Tennessean. His views may be seen here.

• Drs. Nikki Jones and Vickie Harden, lecturers in the Department of Social Work, wrote an article about the impact of sleep deprivation on low-income children of color. It was posted Nov. 6 at, and it is available here.

Assistant professor Dr. Justin Bucchio and associate professor Dr. Ariana Postlethwait from the Department of Social work joined with social work major Robin Fair to write an article on gay-straight alliances in rural high schools. It was posted Nov. 20 at and can be accessed here.

• Dr. Preston MacDougall, a chemistry professor, explained for the Dec. 4 edition of Scientific American Magazine how shape-shifting metals could generate electricity. His analysis can be read here.

Dr. Nikki Jones, Department of Social Work lecturer Dr. Nikki Jones

Dr. Nikki Jones

Dr. Justin Bucchio

Dr. Justin Bucchio

Dr. Ariana Postlethwait, social work

Dr. Ariana Postlethwait

MacDougall also revealed how the position of electrons in a crystal of a diiron cluster compound can affect how nitrogen is converted to ammonia for the Dec. 6 issue of Chemical and Engineering News. His analysis is available here.

• Dr. Shaun Cullen, an assistant professor of English, assessed the type of pressure singer Taylor Swift is under to denounce President Trump. The article was posted Dec. 6 at and can be seen here.

Dr. Preston MacDougall

Dr. Preston MacDougall

• Victoria Guentzel, a nutrition and food science major, described a trip to MTSU’s dairy farm from a prospective dietician’s point of view for the Southeast United Dairy Industry Association blog. It was posted Dec. 8 and can be read here.

• Dr. Kimberly Ujcich-Ward, a professor of psychology, commented on how and why some people struggle with body image issues in a
Dec. 10 posting for It is available here.

Reporters seeking expertise from MTSU personnel, as well as members of the campus community with expertise for media, may contact Gina Logue in the Office of News and Media Relations at 615-898-5081 or via email at