MTSU Graduation Lists

Fall 2013 Graduation List (PDF)

These lists, alphabetized by home county and surname, include the names and hometowns of MTSU graduates by semester and are updated after each commencement ceremony.

Please note: The MTSU Registrar’s Office provides these final graduation lists shortly after each semester’s commencement ceremony. Information on the the list comes from each student’s official records. For questions about an individual student’s inclusion on the list, please contact the Records Office at 615-898-2600 or records@mtsu.edu.

(AlsoIf you’re looking for the commencement day “line of march” list or the printed program for the ceremony, the MTSU Registrar’s Office site posts those documents online a few days before each semester’s ceremony. Click here for that information.)

Suggestions on how to best use these lists:

  1. Click on your preferred list by semester.
  2. After the file opens, go to the menu at the top of your browser. Click on “File,” then “Save As.” (Make sure you note the folder where your file is saved.)
  3. After the file is saved to your computer, you can open it, search for your county’s students, then define, copy and paste your special list into a new document for publication.




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