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Raiders' Tribune Editor

Stephen Smith

Multimedia Journalism – concentration in Sports Broadcasting

MTSU’s College of Media and Entertainment

As a Murfreesboro native, he is a huge proponent of Blue Raider Athletics and wanted to give them a platform to be able to tell their stories.

Are you a Blue Raider athlete with a story to tell?

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MTSU Student Voice

Raider Review – March 16, 2018

Welcome to another edition of Raider Review! Here is a brief rundown of this week’s Blue Raider Athletic news and upcoming events you should...


Contributing Writer – Lexi Cushing, MTSU Softball Photo Courtesy of Brent Beerends, Blue Raider Athletics I didn’t know it at the time, but now...

20 Questions with Dr. Debra Sells

Photo courtesy of Andy Heidt, MTSU Photo Services Today the Student Voice is tossing 20 questions at Dr. Debra Sells, MTSU’s vice president for student...

Why you should join student media: Sidelines, MT10News and WMTS

The load of homework and not having time to join student organizations is a struggle many college students deal with, but if you can...