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Supply and Demand: MTSU’s new degree places grads in sweet spot of global logistics

American consumers are used to getting what they want—on the same day even. But supply chain issues over the past two years have disrupted...

Places and Perspectives: MTSU library collaborates on African American communities digital history project

Long-lost history does not have to stay lost, as long as people are willing to work together to pinpoint the past. “Places, Perspectives: African...

The Rainmaker: MTSU alumna Angie Grissom changes workplace culture and changes lives along the way

Business owner, consultant, writer, and speaker Angie Grissom is a powerhouse. Anyone who has seen her speak will tell you that she absolutely radiates...

Half a Century in the ‘Glass House’: Reflecting on magical moments at Murphy Center

by Drew Ruble Stately and iconic Kirksey Old Main, one of the first buildings constructed on the MTSU campus 111 years ago, may be...