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Where Opportunity Meets Need: A deep dive on MTSU’s impact on the region’s health care services

MTSU offers dozens of degree programs to fill every niche in Metro Nashville's massive health care ecosystem, from corporate suites to rural clinics....

Eyes on professional school? How to get there from here

Aspiring doctors don’t have to major in pre-med. In fact, med schools might prefer that they don’t, said Eric Miller, advisor for MTSU’s Allied...

Blue Raiders behind the scenes: Lifesaving work in medical labs, startups, industries, and C-suites

Metro Nashville’s health care ecosystem is like the human body: Big things happen where we can’t see them. Blue Raiders are doing lifesaving work...

Two health professions up their game

ATHLETIC TRAINER TRAINING When Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed midgame in January 2023, the team’s athletic trainers helped resuscitate him and keep him...