5 best apps for college students

Image of MTSU Mobile app homescreen being held by a person.

The fall semester is right around the corner! Do not panic, though. I am here to help! Over the next few weeks, I will give you tips and tricks on preparing for the semester. Let’s talk about apps. I am going to give you five useful apps for college students. These apps have made my college experience a lot easier!

MT Mobile app

If you don’t listen to any other part of this article, listen to this part. Everyone who is on campus should have the MT Mobile App! The MT Mobile App is an app for MTSU students made by MTSU students. 

It tells you the names of all the buildings and where they are located on campus. Say you’re in the Student Union and you need to find the Wright Music Building, the app navigates you to the building. Another cool feature of this app is the bus routes. It shows all the bus routes, stops, and where the buses travel. The app also tells you the hours of operation for all the food places on campus, what the weather is like, and shows you your class schedule. This is the most helpful app to have as an MTSU student and almost everyone on campus! Just ask!


Outlook is the email service MTSU uses, so all students have an Outlook email. Your Outlook email is where you’d get information about what’s going on on campus. This is also the email you should use to email your professors or any faculty member on campus. You could also check your email on your laptop, but checking it on your phone is much easier. Also, you’ll never miss anything important if you have notifications on for your Outlook app. 


Pulse is an app made for college students to put their classes in. Once you put your classes in, it puts all your assignments into a calendar. It allows you to see what assignment you have what week, and what day they’re due! Since Pulse is connected to your elearn, it also shows when teachers update grades or post on the newsfeed. You can do all of this without opening elearn on your phone!

Google Photos

At number four, I put Google Photos. I have recently convinced all my friends to get Google Photos. I did this because college students take a lot of photos, and Google Photos lets you store the picture there for free! It saves storage on your phone, and let’s say you and your friends go out to an event and want to create a photo album for it. In Google Photos, you create a photo album and also collaborate on the photo album with your friends! I have found it to be so useful!

Word/Google Docs

Coming in at number five is Word/Google Docs. I recommend everyone get these apps. I mostly use them when I have a paper I need to write, but I can’t access my laptop. These apps have saved my life when I’m out, and I remember that I have a paper response with a word count due. It is also just so easy to download the file to your phone!

College can be difficult sometimes, but there are so many resources to help you through it! Stay tuned for more back-to-school articles and advice! And remember, there’s an app for that!