MTSU helps journalism student find their passion

MTSU helps journalism student find their passion

By Jordan Reining 

Going into my senior year of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to study in college or where I wanted to go. My longtime dream of becoming a veterinarian had started to dissipate once I started thinking about all that went into the job and the long road ahead of me. Back at square one, I was also hit by a thyroid problem that zapped all of my energy and motivation. Struggling to get my health under control, along with the added pressure of no longer knowing what I wanted to do with my life, my parents and I decided it would be best for me to stay close to home.  

The obvious choice was MTSU. With a range of majors for when I finally decided on one, and plenty of clubs to get involved in, it was perfect. My freshman year, I was undecided and focused on getting my general education credits out of the way.

I got involved in the Band of Blue, MTSU’s 300+ member marching band and met some great people. Aside from that though, I was struggling. Growing up shy and introverted, it was hard to take the first step in meeting the people in my classes: talking to them. I was also a hardcore procrastinator (although I can proudly say I am less of a procrastinator two years later) and managing homework and studying was difficult. But then something changed.  

Spring semester of my freshman year, I signed up for Leon Alligood’s section of Introduction to Media and Entertainment. I was no longer involved in any clubs, but I started developing an interest in journalism and the power it has. Sitting in that classroom every other day seeing Professor Alligood’s passion for the subject had me excitedly thinking about the future and declaring my major.  

The following fall, I had a Journalism major and a Spanish minor (I eventually also added a history minor). I joined Sidelines, MTSU’s student run digital paper, and began writing actual articles. Since then, I have gotten the chance to experience incredible opportunities. From interviewing on the red carpet at the Judd’s reunion concert to living with a group of classmates for two weeks for the Road Trip class (taught by Professor Alligood), I have finally found my ‘thing’.  

MTSU is an amazing school, but I will say it is definitely what you make of it. It may take a while to find where you belong, whether it be clubs or a degree program, but once you do, you will know. I struggled a lot in the beginning, but the good thing is MTSU has a support program for nearly everything. Free counseling, a gym, lots of tutors…pretty much everything a college student needs.

To be honest, I chose MTSU because it was the best option for my needs at the time. I started school very hesitantly, unsure if I would even like it. With a little soul searching and some luck in picking my classes, I have come to love the school and the people I attend it with.