Table of Contents (Research 2012-2013)


Cover Story: Suddenly Soaring
Strategic investment propels MTSU’s aerospace program into the stratosphere
by Allison Gorman

MTSU researcher Tibor Koritsansky works with Oak Ridge National Lab to peer inside materials
by Bill Lewis

I Want a New Drug
Elliot Altman’s peptide research producers cures
by Michael Burgin

On Point
MTSU’s resident ballet choreographer studies history’s exoduses for inspiration
by Gina K. Logue

Many Safe Landings
MTSU’s aerospace program goes cutting-edge
by Allison Gorman

Those Who Can, Teach
A newfangled approach to teacher recruitment is harvesting much-needed teachers for Tennessee
by Drew Ruble

Not So Run of the Mill
Underwater spinal cord injury research at MTSU makes waves
by Tom Tozer

Set in Concrete
MTSU’s Concrete Industry Management Department settles in for the long haul
by Bill Lewis

At the Root
Researcher Tom Tang untangles the love of money
by Allison Gorman

Native Truths
Economic researcher Murat Arik documents Native American health nationwide
by Bill Lewis

Piece by Piece
Nationally recognized forensic anthropologist Hugh Berryman builds a powerhouse program at MTSU
by Allison Gorman

Gentleman’s Game
Colby Jubenville pioneers research on collegiate sportsmanship
by Tom Tozer

Preservation Required
The Center for Popular Music at MTSU offers a direct portal to the popular consciousness of past generations
by Drew Ruble

Eye in the Sky
John Wallin harnesses the power of students and citizens alike to map the galaxies
by Drew Ruble

Hybrid Thinkers
Two MTSU professors take different paths to the same gasoline-free solution.
by Randy Weiler

It Takes a Very Steady Hand
Daniel Erenso wields tweezers in the fight against sickle cell anemia
by Drew Ruble

Start Me Up
Entrepreneurship researcher Doug Tatum leads a national analysis of high-growth companies
by Gina K. Logue

On Campus
A brief look at diverse MTSU centers engaged in research
by Patsy Weiler

Survey Says…
MTSU’s statewide poll is second to none in reading the minds of Tennesseans
by Suma Clark

Letter from the Provost

Dr. Michael D. Allen, MTSU vice provost for research and dean of the College of Graduate Studies, worked more than 14 years at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico, where he spearheaded the study of nuclear reactor accidents similar to what occurred in Japan earlier this year. From using research reactors to melt the core of other reactors to conducting hydrogen explosions at desert test sites, Allen’s research background is a colorful one to say the least.

MTSU’s centennial in 2011 also marks my fourth year as vice provost for research and dean of the College of Graduate Studies. The University has made significant progress during the time I’ve been here, and I believe that the Office of Research and the College of Graduate Studies have contributed greatly to this success.

MTSU is in the process of transitioning from a primarily undergraduate institution to a doctoral research university with high research activity. Only a decade ago, MTSU was attracting less than $4 million in extramural sponsored awards for research, service, and instruction. Now, the University consistently garners between $35 million and $40 million annually.

A boost to the research enterprise was the addition of four new interdisciplinary doctoral programs that enrolled about 80 new doctoral students in their inaugural year—Molecular Biosciences, Computational Science, Mathematics and Science Education, and Literacy Studies. Building upon the initial success of the new Ph.D. programs, the University is developing programs to strengthen the research enterprise. Two newly established strategic centers, related to the Molecular Biosciences and Computational Science Ph.D. programs, are seeking extramural funding to support research in these areas. The most exciting development this fall is the promise of funding for the construction of a 258,000-foot biology and chemistry building that will expand space for laboratory research.

Building on this progress in key areas, I anticipate that the MTSU research enterprise will continue to make great strides in the coming years.

Dr. Michael D. Allen
Vice Provost for research and dean of the College of Graduate Studies