5 Things I Wish I Knew as a Freshman

By: Stokeley Ellison

When thinking about my freshman year of college, there are several things I wish I had known before I arrived on MTSU’s campus. Now that I’m a senior, I’ve learned so much on how to make the best out of college, and I want to share. Here are five things I wish I knew before I was a freshman.

Bring all your clothes and shoes

When I first moved to campus, I only brought half of my closet, and I regretted it instantly. You never know when you’ll need that ugly Christmas sweater that your grandma bought you in the 10th grade! Even if you don’t think you’ll need it everything, bring it just in case. 

Go to campus events

One of the best ways to make friends on campus is to go to campus events! There’s always something to do on campus from free concerts to free movies. These events are here to help you build connections not only with other students, but even faculty and staff. I know it can be hard to put yourself out there, but you might meet your future best friends at these events – I know I did! Plus, there’s usually free merch and food!

(Photo: Stokeley Ellison)

Get to know your professors

Your professors can be some of the most helpful people on campus. They are there to help you on the journey of receiving your degree and getting your foot in the door of your future career. Building relationships with your professors could help you with scholarships, job applications, and making connections in the field you want to go into. Professors can also help you find internships that will get you more experience in what you want to pursue.

Show up to class

Showing up to class should be a given in college, but there are some days where your bed is just way too comfy to get out of. I highly recommend you still go to your classes, Even missing one day of class could make you feel like you’re falling behind in your course. Also, you’re paying for it, so why not go!

You are not alone

Going to college can be scary, but it’s important to know that you’re not alone. If you feel yourself struggling with school and needing a little help, MTSU has many different resources to help you. Our campus offers tutoring in the library as well as on-campus counselling for therapy. It’s important to take advantage of these resources if you need them. 

I hope this advice helps you really enrich your freshman year of college! As you go on your college journey, remember to keep an open mind as you go through different experiences and make the most of it. 

(Photo: Stokeley Ellison)

Author Stokeley Ellison is a Public Relations major with a concentration in the Recording Industry.