Backpack essentials

Welcome back to my little back-to-school series! School starts in just a few weeks, so everyone is doing their shopping! Let’s talk about everything you should carry in your backpack to have a successful semester.  

The first thing you’ll need is a durable backpack. Bonus points if it’s waterproof! There are many rainy days on MTSU’s campus. At the beginning of my freshman year of college, I purchased a Northface backpack, and I still use it! 

Okay, now let’s actually talk about everything you’ll need in your backpack.  

The first thing I always put in my bag is my iPad/laptop! I use them for taking notes, checking emails, checking elearn, and so much more. There have also been times when I’ve used my iPad to look at a digital copy of my textbook! Some professors prefer that you have your electronic device in class.  

The second thing I recommend is to always carry a 5-subject notebook. Even though handwritten note-taking has somewhat phased out, it doesn’t mean it’s completely gone. There are a few professors who like when students take physical notes. So, bring a notebook just in case!  

Now, do you know what goes perfectly with a notebook? A pencil pouch. You would think having at least one pencil in your backpack is common sense, but you’d be surprised by the number of times people have asked me to borrow a pencil. I like to have a little pouch in my backpack filled with pencils, pens, and highlighters.  

The next couple of items are just small things that I find helpful. 

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Gum
  • USB
  • Small notebook
  • Snacks

This concludes part two of my back-to-school trilogy. I will be back next week on the subject of roommates!