Best Places to Take Pictures at MTSU

MTSU senior taking photos in Peck Hall with a

Need new pictures for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or any other social media outlet? And you don’t know where to take your pictures? Well, MTSU has the best spots to take a social media worthy picture in Murfreesboro.

Everyone says their campus has the most beautiful scenery throughout the seasons, but there’s no doubt that MTSU has one of the best.  It’s one of President McPhee’s most talked about perks over the course of his seventeen-year career at Middle.

There are so many places on campus that give an artsy feel and show of your Blue Raider pride.. Here’s a list of my favorite places to take pictures at MTSU.

The Honors College

MTSU Senior on the Honors College stairs for her senior pictures. Photo By Mills Photography

Not many students think about the places to take a picture on campus, and the Honors College  is one of the buildings that is overlooked on campus. It is the building located next to the Student Union Building. The building offers a great place to take outdoor shots.

The Blue Horseshoe

MTSU Senior, Mickee McGuire, in front of the Blue Horseshoe with her Beta Gamma Sigma honor society cords for senior pictures. Photo by Jason Herring.

Do you even go to MTSU if you haven’t taken a picture at The Blue Horseshoe? The Blue Horseshoe is the quintessential picture-taking -place on campus. This iconic monument has made it on social media everywhere including senior portraits, college visits and commemorating the first day of class.

The Blue Horseshoe is located right by the Peck Hall, walking towards the COPE Administration Building. Make sure to stop by this spot to show-off you’re a Blue Raider.

The Kirksey Old Main Building

MTSU Senior, Caroline Morris, majoring in Political Science, leaning back on the KOM Columns. Photo by Taijana Logsdon

As the oldest building on campus, the KOM Columns brings a classy look for a picture and pay tribute to the history and alumni that came before us. You could either take a casual picture on the steps or a serious picture behind the columns. The KOM building is located on the opposite side of Peck Hall from the Horseshoe by the Midgett Building.

It’s a traditional thing if you kiss someone on the steps of the KOM…you might end up marrying them.

The Quad

MTSU Junior, Genesis Rodriguez, majoring in Multimedia Journalism sitting at the quad. Photo by Victoria Leuang

If you’re not in class, then most likely you’ll find people chilling at the quad. This spot is the perfect place for pictures. It’s known as the typical hang out place where people meet up after class, eat lunch, play music or walk through to their class.

The Quad is located in front of the James Walker Library, John Bragg Media Building, and Basic & Applied Sciences  Building. Plus, whether this spot is covered with colorful leaves in the Fall or layered with snow in the Winter, this location shows off how beautiful MTSU is.

Murphy Center

The Murphy Center is one of the places that you could walk around and take a picture anywhere. It’s one of those spots that presents a wide array of open options such as sitting on the stairs for a picture or sitting on the outer rim of the building.

MTSU Senior, Lannette Harris sits on the stairs that goes up to the Murphy Center. Photo by Victoria Leuang

The Murphy Center is located right next to Floyd Stadium. The “Murph” is the central location for Blue Raider Athletics offices. Basketball games and graduation ceremonies are held here as well as career fairs, regional high school competitions and much more.

Other Great Spots

So many people use these spots to take graduation pictures or just to take a picture for Instagram. But random locations can turn heads and make your pictures different.

  • Walkway in front from COPE/Peck Hall
  • Trees by the Davis Science Building, Honors College, Student Union Strip, etc.

MTSU Freshman enjoys the change of fall leaves by the Davis Science Building. Photo by Maraya.

  • The James Walker Library
  • The Classical Observatory

MTSU Journalism Graduate, Rachel Blackwell, in the middle of The Classical Observatory. Photo By Ryan Hopkins.

  • The Veterans area near the E.W Midgett Building
  • Front Entrance of MTSU

MTSU Senior, Jazmyn Bethel, taking her senior pictures in front of MTSU obelisk on East Main Street. Photo By Lindsay Kate.

  • Anything that has “True Blue” or “MTSU”
  • Your favorite building on campus

MTSU Junior, Alex Colon, takes a picture in celebration of getting into the Nursing program. Photo Courtesy by Alex Colon

  • On the fourth floor of Champion Way Garage or MTSU Blvd Garage.

Bridge to MT One Stop

Not a lot of people realize how neat the MT One Stop looks inside, but there are chairs and seating where you could take pictures. Just roam around the building and you could possibly find the perfect spot in the building. The MT One Stop has a wall with the MTSU Logo and you could represent your True-Blue pride with a selfie.

MTSU Junior, Peyton Bowles at the bridge that crosses the MT One Stop to the Student Union Building. Photo by Victoria Leuang

Even if you don’t want to take a picture of yourself at these places, they’re insta or snapchat-worthy to capture. There are unlimited places to take pictures on campus. Just be creative.

With so many awesome places to choose from, you are sure to up your picture game here at school. And even if social media is not your thing, take some pictures of these locations on campus anyway.

If you’re having trouble finding these locations, click here for the campus map.