Big truck, big plans for EMC

MTSU’s new 40-foot, $1.4 million Mobile Production Lab awaits installation of new electronic equipment and cable after its arrival on campus July 31 from Sunbury, Ohio, with Lab Director Marc Parrish behind the wheel.

Parrish and his assistants in the Department of Electronic Media Communication in MTSU’s College of Mass Communication aim to have the lab up and running in time for the start of football season. EMC’s student production company, EMC Productions, will be producing game broadcasts for ESPN 3 this fall. Parrish said the new lab will provide almost twice the workspace of the department’s old truck, now in use by alumnus Nic Dugger at his company, TNDV. It will house eight Sony HD cameras and a Sony MSV 8000G switcher and use more than 30,000 feet of audio-video cable when it’s fully outfitted, and LED lighting throughout will provide ample light while conserving energy. A wheelchair lift will make the new Mobile Production Lab fully accessible to people with disabilities as well, Parrish said.

View a short timelapse video from the first week of the ongoing equipment installations here.

Middle Tennessee State University photo by J. Intintoli