‘Buck’ Bouldin, longtime MTSU tennis c...

‘Buck’ Bouldin, longtime MTSU tennis coach, dies at 94


Murfreesboro attorney laid the foundation of success for MTSU tennis as head coach in the 1960s

Granville “Buck” Bouldin, who helped put the MTSU men’s tennis program on the map as head coach from 1964 to 1971 before becoming a longtime volunteer assistant, mentor and fan to countless Blue Raiders tennis players, passed away on Tuesday, March 7, at the age of 94.

“Both the MTSU and tennis communities mourn the passing of Buck Bouldin, a proud alumnus of our university, who served as head coach of our tennis program for seven years, from 1965 to 1971,” said President Sidney A. McPhee. “His service to MTSU continued well beyond his years as a head coach and remained a volunteer, mentor and friend to our student-athletes and coaches for decades. My wife, Elizabeth, and I share our condolences on behalf of all Blue Raiders to his family.”

MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee
Dr. Sidney A. McPhee
Chris Massaro, MTSU director of athletics
Chris Massaro

The on-campus tennis courts, where Bouldin would often play before, during and after his tenure as head coach of the program, are named in his honor. Bouldin was inducted into the Blue Raider Sports Hall of Fame in 2009.

“Buck Bouldin was the bedrock of MTSU Tennis,” Director of Athletics Chris Massaro said. “Every success we’ve had the last 30 years can be traced back to Buck’s foundation, whether it’s been through the great Dale Short years, the great Jimmy Borendame years, and all the coaches in between, Buck’s been an integral part. We’ll miss his mentorship and his friendship.”

Funeral plans have yet to be announced by the family.

Jimmy Borendame, head coach, MTSU men’s tennis
Jimmy Borendame

“Buck Bouldin’s impact has been exponential on the court, off the court, for me personally as a coach and as a man,” Middle Tennessee men’s tennis coach Jimmy Borendame said. “I don’t even think I had signed the dotted line to come to Murfreesboro when Coach hunted me down and reached out to me. For 13 years, he would call and touch base with me after every match I coached. He had unconditional love and support for me and the team.”

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