Criminal justice career aspirants make connections...

Criminal justice career aspirants make connections at MTSU networking event

Experts on the wide variety of careers available in the criminal justice field will explain their jobs for students in a casual get-together at MTSU.

The annual Department of Criminal Justice Administration Networking and Information Exchange is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, March 24, in the Academic Classroom Building on campus.

Professionals from police departments, the judicial system, corrections and homeland security will be on hand for informal discussions with students interested in careers in these and related fields.

Dr. Carter Smith, lecturer in the Department of Criminal Justice

Dr. Carter Smith

“The event is designed to give future professionals in police, courts, corrections and security the opportunity to meet and converse with a variety of current professionals in those fields without the added stress of job-seeking,” said Carter F. Smith, an MTSU criminal justice senior instructor and originator of the exchange.

No resumes will be exchanged. No hiring interviews will be scheduled.

Instead, attendees will have time for informal talks with representatives of many agencies connected to the criminal justice system.

“The professionals we are inviting are not necessarily those tasked with recruiting,” Smith said. “You’ll find it’s more like the environment after a guest speaker talks to the class than a job fair.”Dept of Criminal Justice Admininistration logo

University masking and social distancing requirements will apply throughout the event. No more than two students at a time will be allowed at each table. Capacity will be monitored throughout the event to make sure no more than 50 people are participating at one time.

Event registration and sign-in are required. Weather permitting, the registration table will be located outside the ACB south entrance near the Student Union facing the parking lot.

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