Free MTSU Guardian app turns cell phone into virtu...

Free MTSU Guardian app turns cell phone into virtual security guard

MTSU students, faculty and staff can download a free app that turns their cell phone into a virtual security guard while they’re on campus.

The MTSU Rave Guardian is a free mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play, that students, faculty and staff can use by signing up with their MTSU email addresses.

This iPhone screenshot shows the features available in the MTSU Rave Guardian app.

This iPhone screenshot shows the features available in the MTSU Rave Guardian app.

The app transforms a mobile phone into a personal safety device by setting up a virtual safety network of friends, family and university police. Features include:

A panic button, which connects a user directly and immediately to MTSU police with the user’s GPS location and personal profile information in case of emergency.

“Personal guardians” settings, which allow users to identify friends, roommates and family as “guardians,” along with campus police. Users also can set timers, which will allow their guardians and police to check their status during a session. If the timer isn’t deactivated before it expires, MTSU police automatically receive the user’s profile to proactively identify and check in on the individual.

A tip-sending option, which allows users to send tips, including photos, to university police if they see something suspicious on campus.

Whenever student, faculty or staff users connect with MTSU Police from their mobile phone, the app automatically delivers a complete caller profile with their connection, including their current location, any medical conditions, course schedule, addresses, MTSU ID photo and other critical data.

All the information is user-authorized and can’t be seen by anyone not approved by the user.

While the MTSU campus remains a safe environment, University Police Chief Buddy Peaster is encouraging the campus community to take advantage of the app as an added layer of protection and safety.

Chief Buddy Peaster

Chief Buddy Peaster

“The MTSU Rave Guardian puts important information and campus police assistance at your fingertips,” Peaster said.

“Staying safe on campus means partnering with MTSU to make technology and police services work for you. MTSU Rave Guardian does just that.”

Download the app for iPhones at iTunes or go to Google Play for Android devices.

For more information about MTSU Rave Guardian, including answers to frequently asked questions, visit the MTSU Rave Guardian App information page.

The MTSU Rave Guardian app is separate from the MTSU Alert4U emergency notification system, which sends text, email, and/or voice alerts regarding campus emergencies to those whose contact information is included in the system.

All staff, faculty and students at MTSU automatically receive email alerts from the Rave Mobile Safety system, including weather-related emergencies, delays and cancellations.

Campus users who also want to receive text or voice alerts can visit and log in with a PipelineMT username and password to update their information.

For more information about MTSU’s emergency notification system, go to

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