Professor has ideas on how to make a cooler cow on...

Professor has ideas on how to make a cooler cow on ‘MTSU On the Record’

Finding a way to help cattle beat the heat was the focus of a recent edition of the “MTSU On the Record” radio program.

Host Gina Logue’s interview with Dr. Warren Gill, a professor in the School of Agribusiness and Agriscience, first aired Aug. 10 on WMOT-FM (89.5 and ). You can listen to their conversation below.

Dr. Warren Gill

Dr. Warren Gill

Gill and Vanderbilt University professor James West are engaged in research aimed at using gene splicing to produce Angus cattle that are more heat-resistant and, therefore, more efficient in processing what they eat. The black hide of the Angus breed makes it unable to adapt to regions with high temperatures.

“I do think a lot more people realize that as the world population is heading more toward 9 billion, something like that, in just the next 25 years or so, we’re going to have to figure innovative ways to feed this huge population,” Gill said.

Gill recently stepped down from his eight-year post as director of MTSU’s School of Agribusiness and Agriscience to return to classroom teaching and expand his research work.

Under his direction, the school developed and expanded the university’s longtime working farm and dairy into the cutting-edge MTSU Experiential Learning and Research Center.


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A video clip of the interview can be seen below.