MTSU releases list of summer 2020 graduates

MTSU releases list of summer 2020 graduates

New graduates celebrate at MTSU’s summer 2019 commencement ceremony Aug. 10 in Murphy Center. Photos show, from left, two young men with their arms around each other, two photos of young women with their hands in the air, a photo of a young woman clasping her hands together and smiling, and a young man taking a selfie with his other hand in the air. MTSU held its summer 2020 commencement ceremony virtually Aug. 8 because of the pandemic.(MTSU photos by J. Intintoli and

MTSU is proud to release a final list of the graduates who received their degrees in the university’s summer 2020 commencement ceremony.

This list, alphabetized by home county and surname, is the final compilation by the MTSU Registrar’s Office of the names and hometowns of the university’s summer 2020 graduates. The searchable PDF is available by clicking here.

Full news coverage of MTSU’s summer 2020 virtual commencement ceremony Aug. 9, including video and photos, is available here.

MTSU graduation lists are updated after each semester ends. An archive of recent graduate lists by semester is available here.

Please note: The MTSU Registrar’s Office provides these final lists and compiles them from information from each student’s official records. The Office of News and Media Relations does not compile nor create the final graduation list.

For questions about an individual student’s inclusion on the list, please contact the Registrar’s Office at