How to Get Yourself to Stick to a Schedule

How to Get Yourself to Stick to a Schedule

When your schedule has a purpose you are more likely to follow it. What’s your “why?” Why is it so important for you to have a schedule? I encourage you to write these things down somewhere whether it be in a journal, the notes section of your phone, or even on a big poster for your room.

Dreams don’t work unless you do… here are some guidelines on how to work the most effectively to make those dreams happen.

Get a planner

I know you’ve heard this one before. But if you haven’t tried it…I highly recommend. Personally, I am an overachiever and all my classes have their own color pen so I can quickly look at my planner and see what I have to do for each class. Phillips Bookstore has some really great planners that I would definitely check out. If you have found yourself forgetting to do assignments till your laying in bed the night before…this is definitely something you should try. This is also a great place to remind yourself of the goals you want to accomplish and what other things you have to get done in the day so you can start to balance everything.

Set reminders on your phone

This is a good way to keep from freaking out mid-sleep. I personally love this one for a lot of reasons. One, you always have your phone on you so as soon as you think of something you need to do you can put it in. If you’re the type of person that never saves contacts in your phone because you can’t be inconvenienced, talk to a well-organized friend that has it together and see if they can convince you! The option to have a recurring reminder is also great because you can set up custom alerts that fit your schedule and study habits. You can also do that for the goals you want to accomplish. For example, my best friend has a reminder every day that says “I am Miss TN” because that is what she is working toward. She’s a rockstar! I have one that reminds me of where I want to be in the company I work for. The second reason I love these reminders is that they are so annoying because they are constantly on your phone… but that’s the point! The more you see them, the more you will do them. It has seriously helped me keep track of so many things…and it feels great when I get to check one off your list!

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Wall calendar  

This is one I don’t use as much as I should. If you’re a visually-oriented person, this could be the best option for you.  Although I don’t use this one very much. When I do, I use this for the big things coming up that I have the date for weeks in advance, such as special events, exams, big projects and anything else that I need to plan for weeks in ahead. I also write my goals for the month down on it,- whether that be to get my grade average up, work more hours, volunteer, or join a new organization – the big things that go on there. Mapping it out and looking at it each day can really help with encouragement which will, in turn, make you want to keep your schedule even more.

Set goals and knock them out one at a time

You can’t conquer the world in one day. Give yourself grace and patience. Remember the tortoise?  Goals for the week turn into goals for the month which turn into goals for the year which help you meet goals for life! Don’t expect to accomplish everything on your schedule in the next 24 hours. Routine is everything and you will get there in time. But, of course, once you get there you’ll probably be adding even more things on top of everything… but you’ll be able to do it if you have gotten into a routine to follow a schedule!  Tony Robbins, motivational speaker, said, “It’s not about the goal. It’s about growing to become the person that can accomplish that goal.” Everything you do today affects who you will be tomorrow, no matter how big or small!

Reward yourself

When you accomplish a goal, celebrate! Go eat a cupcake, binge some Netflix, take a nap- do something that makes you happy. College is tough and there is a lot of work involved but constantly working is not a way to live your life. Always make sure to take time for yourself. As you learn to manage your time better, you’ll notice that you have more pockets of free time for yourself which will overall make you a much more productive person and keep that sanity as you approach midterms and finals week. Don’t be afraid to say no to something that doesn’t fit into your schedule, especially if it is something that won’t be getting you closer to your dreams! And don’t pressure yourself to always have plans with people every day, make time for yourself so that you can grow.

Have an accountability partner

Two students link hands Monday (Nov. 6) as part of the campuswide Hands Across MTSU event to promote unity and solidarity across Blue Raider campus. (MTSU photo)

Two students link hands Monday (Nov. 6) as part of the campuswide Hands Across MTSU event to promote unity and solidarity across Blue Raider campus. (MTSU photo)

Find someone who also wants a better schedule and add it to your goals to talk every day or once a week to keep each other accountable. Maybe get up earlier to speak with that person so you can start each day on the right foot or a quick phone call at night to recap all the things you accomplished that day. You’ve got to have someone who will make sure you can meet your goals and can remind you of why you are pursuing them in the first place. You think Olympic athletes or Blue Raider athletes could motivate themselves without coaches, trainers, and professors encouraging them all the time? I probably call my accountability partner/BFF ten times a day- and I am so thankful for that I have her to keep me on track! We both get so much more done when we are speaking what we have to do each day aloud.

College and life are difficult but manageable so the sooner you start keeping a schedule and getting things done… the closer you will be to setting yourself up for success and achieving your dreams. MTSU Student Services is a great place to help you make a schedule and set yourself up for success. You’ve got this, Blue Raider!