In the News: Potholes, the Federal Reserve, Ukrain...

In the News: Potholes, the Federal Reserve, Ukraine, zoning laws and more

MTSU faculty members recently provided their expertise to reporters on various subjects including the high cost of housing, Black History Month, children’s mental health, rising gasoline prices and other topics.

Dr. Andrei Korobkov, professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations

Dr. Andrei Korobkov

• Dr. Andrei Korobkov, a professor of political science and international relations, assessed the tactical advantage for Russia to place nuclear weapons in Belarus in a March 1 article in the Spanish newspaper The English-language translation can be accessed here.

Korobkov participated in a March 4 panel discussion on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine under the auspices of the International Studies Association. The video, which was posted to YouTube March 9, can be seen here.

• Dr. Katie Foss, a professor of media studies, explained that today’s media platforms encourage a variety of options even as they reduce shared experiences in a March 6 article at Her views are available here.

Dr. Katie Foss, associate professor of media studies in MTSU's School of Journalism and Strategic Media

Dr. Katie Foss

Dr. Daniel Smith, director of the Political Economy Research Institute; associate professor in Economics and Finance

Dr. Daniel Smith

• Dr. Daniel Smith, director of the Political Economy Research Institute and a professor of economics, wrote an editorial stating that high housing prices are due to zoning laws instead of real estate investment trusts. The column, which was published March 8 by the San Bernardino (California) Sun and other newspapers, can be read here.

Smith also commented on the causes of rising gasoline prices for a March 9 report on WSMV-TV in Nashville. The video and transcript can be accessed here.

Smith pointed out the Federal Reserve’s role in exacerbating the Great Depression in a March 10 report at His views are available here.

Dr. Adonijah Bakari, associate professor of history, director of Africana Studies Program

Dr. Adonijah Bakari

Dr. Kelly Strong, director and professor, MTSU School of Concrete and Construction Management

Dr. Kelly Strong

• Dr. Adonijah Bakari, a professor of history and director of the Africana Studies Program, talked about the importance of Black History Month on the March 9 edition of “MorningLine” on NewsChannel5+. The video can be seen here.

• Dr. Kelly Strong, director of the School of Concrete and Construction Management, explained why there are so many potholes in Middle Tennessee in a March 11 report by WKRN-TV in Nashville. The transcript can be accessed here.

Dr. Ciera Schoonover, assistant professor of psychology

Dr. Ciera Schoonover

• Dr. Ciera Schoonover, an assistant professor of psychology, offered insight into when a child might be old enough for mental health therapy in a March 14 article in USA Today. Her views can be read here.

Reporters seeking expertise from MTSU personnel, as well as members of the campus community with expertise for media, may contact Gina Logue in the Office of News and Media Relations at 615-631-8322 or via email at

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