MTSU experts weigh in on Africa, bacteria, applyin...

MTSU experts weigh in on Africa, bacteria, applying for college

From African politics to bacteria that aid digestion, MTSU faculty and staff experts are sharing their knowledge through the national media.

Dr. Janet Colson

Dr. Janet Colson

Dr. Janet Colson, a professor in the Department of Human Sciences and a registered dietitian, provided comments for two articles in Today’s Dietician.

Colson’s remarks on proposed changes in nutrition labels may be read at Her perspective on the probiotic power of dairy products is under the “yogurt” subheading in the article posted at

Dr. Moses Tesi

Dr. Moses Tesi, a professor of political science, provided his views on doing volunteer work in a developing country for That article may be read at

Tesi also addressed U.S. ties with African nations in the Obama administration for That article, which was reprinted by The Peninsula Qatar and The Sun-Sentinel of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is available at

Mary Winsett, assistant manager of undergraduate recruitment, offered comments for a story about mistakes to avoid on college applications at The article is at, and Winsett’s remarks are in the last of six recommendations.

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