In the News: MTSU faculty talk about grocery costs...

In the News: MTSU faculty talk about grocery costs, Trump, equine science, license plate readers

Middle Tennessee State University faculty and staff recently provided the media with their perspectives on various issues, including the inequities of license plate readers, rising grocery prices, Donald Trump, horse science and the Israel-Hamas war.

Dr. Ben Stickle
Dr. Elizabeth Ann “Liz” Smith, MTSU assistant professor of nutrition and food science
Dr. Elizabeth Ann Smith
Dr. Amy Youngblood Mulhearn
Dr. Amy Youngblood Mulhearn

Elizabeth A. Smith, assistant professor of nutrition and food science, talked with U.S. News & World Report about food allergies. Read the Jan. 2 article.

• Dr. Ann Youngblood Mulhearn, history lecturer, was interviewed by Chapter 16 literary journal Jan. 3 on social justice reform spearheaded by Catholic women. Read her interview.

• Dr. Ben Stickle, criminal justice professor, talked with the Sourcing Journal Jan. 3 about an Amazon truck that was stolen over the holidays. Read his comments.

• Dr. Sekou Franklin, political science professor, spoke to WKRN-TV about the inequities of license plate readers on Jan. 4. Watch the segment. BNN Newsroom also covered the topic. Read the article from Jan. 4.

Dr. Sekou Franklin
Dr. Sekou Franklin
Dr. Sean Foley, an associate professor of history
Dr. Sean Foley

• Dr. Sean Foley, professor of history who specializes in the Middle East, has talked extensively about the Israel-Hamas war. Foley was interviewed Jan. 5 on Canadian radio show, “Newstalk Tonight,” about Gaza. Listen to the show.

Foley was talked with Daily Express US about the potential for a major Middle East war. Read the Jan. 9 article.

Foley appeared on the Canadian CHCH-TV show, “Trending Now,” on Jan. 11 and provided commentary on South Africa’s public outcry about Israel’s actions. Watch the segment.

Dr. Sidney A. McPhee, MTSU president
Dr. Sidney A. McPhee

Foley talked with Jim Richards of Newstalk 1010 — a major AM radio station in Toronto, Ontario — on Jan. 12 about “Israel and the International Court of Justice.” Listen to his commentary.

Foley was interviewed Jan. 18 by San Francisco’s KCBS-AM/FM about the conflict. Listen to the interview.

• MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee talked with the Rutherford Source about MTSU’s partnership with Southwest Airlines. Read the Jan. 9 article.

Dr. John Vile
Dr. John Vile
Dr. Janet Colson, professor of nutrition and food science and registered dietician, Department of Human Sciences
Dr. Janet Colson

Janet Colson, professor of nutrition, talked with The Tennessean about the impact of rising grocery costs. Read the article from Jan. 17.

• Dr. John Vile, Honors College dean and political science professor, shared his commentary on the legal issues Donald Trump is facing in a guest column for the Tennessean. Read the Jan. 19 article.

Dr. Rhonda Hoffman, School of Agriciulture, director of the MTSU Horse Science Program
Dr. Rhonda Hoffman
Ken Paulson, director, Free Speech Center at MTSU, College of Media and Entertainment
Ken Paulson

Ken Paulson, director of the Free Speech Center, talked with The Tennessean about the First Amendment affects the Tennessee House of Representatives’ new ticketing policy that limits the number of spectators. Read his commentary from the Jan. 31 article.

• Dr. Rhonda Hoffman, professor and director of the equine science program, talked with Horse Illustrated in a Jan. 31 article about nutrition for young horses. Read her commentary.

Dr. Kelly Williams, assistant professor, Department of Accounting, Jones College of Business
Dr. Kelly Williams
Dr. Sean Salter, associate professor, Economics and Finance
Dr. Sean Salter

• Dr. Kelly L. Williams, associate professor of accounting, shared resources for upgrading Microsoft skills in a Jan. 31 article in the Journal of Accountancy. Read her commentary.

 • Dr. Sean Salter, associate professor of economics, participates in a weekly Bankrate poll. You can follow weekly updates.

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