In the News: MTSU faculty weigh in on crime, polit...

In the News: MTSU faculty weigh in on crime, politics, farming

MTSU faculty continue to share knowledge and experience with national and international audiences, most recently on topics of crime, politics and farming.

Dr. Justin Gardner

Dr. Mary A. Evins

Dr. Mary A. Evins

Chief Buddy Peaster

Buddy Peaster, director of public safety and chief of the MTSU Police Department, provided warnings about scam artists who target college students for The article may be read here.

Dr. Mary Evins, a professor of history and director of the American Democracy Project at MTSU, weighed in on how to get teenagers interested in the democratic electoral process for and Rochester and Genesee Parent Magazine. Evins’ views are available here.

Dr. Justin Gardner, an associate professor of agribusiness, offered his perspective on the impact of digital technology on agriculture for The story is available here.

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