In the News: MTSU experts sound off on bones, insu...

In the News: MTSU experts sound off on bones, insurance, suicide, smoking, personal fouls and more

Local, state and national news organizations relied on the expertise of MTSU faculty and staff on numerous subjects recently, including exports, suicide, insurance, basketball and the amount of time children spend with their technology.

Ken Paulson, dean of the College of Media and Entertainment, commented on President Trump’s position on the possible federal regulation of Google for a story that was published by numerous media outlets, including BGR India, on Aug. 30. His views are available here.

Paulson testified before the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce about First Amendment rights on college campuses. The story was posted at and can be read here.

Ken Paulson, dean, College of Media and Entertainment
Ken Paulson
Dr. Katie Foss, associate professor of media studies in MTSU's School of Journalism and Strategic Media
Dr. Katie Foss
Kent Syler, assistant professor, political science
Kent Syler

Dr. Katie Foss, an assistant professor of journalism, expressed concern about the amount of time children spend on digital devices for a Sept. 4 story in The Christian Science Monitor and other news agencies. Her comments can be accessed here.

Foss also commented on how race affects how both Anita Hill and Christine Blasey Ford are viewed in the media for a Sept. 26 CNN story. Her perspective can be read here.

Kent Syler, a professor of political science and international affairs, analyzed Phil Bredesen’s campaign for U.S. Senate for the Sept. 4 edition of The Hill newspaper. His comments are available here.

In an Oct. 10 column published in The Daily Memphian, Syler analyzed the dilemma Bredesen encountered with the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Syler’s words can be read here.

Syler also opined on the use of an op-ed written by an anonymous White House official as a teaching tool for the Sept. 6 edition of USA Today. His viewpoints can be accessed here.

For, Syler commented on the issues driving the Tennessee governor’s race. His comments can be read here.

Dr. Hugh Berryman
Dr. David Wood
Dr. David Wood
Dr. Steven Livingston, professor of political science & international relations and contributor to MTSU’s Business and Economic Research Center
Dr. Steven Livingston

And as a political analyst for WSMV-TV News 4 in Nashville, Syler commented on Taylor Swift’s social media endorsement of two Democratic candidates on the ballot in November for an Oct. 8 telecast. His comments can be read and viewed here.

Dr. Hugh Berryman, a professor of forensic anthropology, commented for a Sept. 4 report by Nashville television station WKRN on a bag of bones discovered at Percy Priest Lake. His remarks are available here.

Dr. Dave Wood, holder of the Martin Chair of Insurance in the Jennings A. Jones College of Business, commented on the complicated language of insurance for a Sept. 24 story at His views can be read here.

Dr. Steven Livingston, a professor of political science and international relations, predicted that tariffs on Chinese exports will not be a factor in American elections for a Sept. 26 story for the Xinhua News Agency and other news agencies. His comments can be accessed here.

Maigan Wipfli, director of the June Anderson Center for Women and Nontraditional Students
Maigan Wipfli
Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes
Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes

Maigan Wipfli, assistant director of student programming and activities, explained suicide awareness activities on campus for a Sept. 26 report on Nashville television station WSMV. Her statements are available here.

Dr. Andrew Dix, an assistant director of communication studies, explained his research into the number of personal fouls called on female basketball players at historically black colleges and universities for an Oct. 2 story by Diverse Issues in Higher Education. His comments can be read here.

Dr. Louis Kyriakoudes, director of the Albert Gore Research Center, expressed his views on Philip Morris’ attempt to get people to switch to “reduced risk” smoking products in an Oct. 3 story by Yahoo! Finance. His remarks can be accessed here.

Dr. John Vile
Dr. John Vile
Beverly Keel, chair, Department of Recording Industry
Beverly Keel

Dr. John Vile, dean of the University Honors College, wrote an editorial supporting a Constitutional amendment requiring presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns for the Oct. 5 edition of The Tennessean. His views are available here.

Beverly Keel, chair of the Department of Recording Industry, attributed the rise of faith-based music on secular radio to the level of hurt and anxiety in the country in a Sept. 27 story in The Tennessean. Her words can be accessed here.

Keel also commented on singer Taylor Swift’s endorsement of Phil Bredesen in the race for governor of Tennessee in an Oct. 9 Washington Post article as well as an article by the Associated Press. Her comments can be read here and here.

Reporters seeking expertise from MTSU personnel, as well as members of the campus community with expertise for media, may contact Gina Logue in the Office of News and Media Relations at 615-898-5081 or via email at