READING rates MTSU among Top 10 in Tennessee i... rates MTSU among Top 10 in Tennessee in overall financial aid

A website created to provide a guide to college students seeking economical ways to attend college ranks MTSU eighth best in Tennessee for financial aid., a New Jersey-based for-profit company backed by financial services firms, made its assessment of 829 colleges and universities based on data from the National Center for Education Statistics and Peterson’s Financial Aid Dataset.

The website’s study considered need-based financial aid, non-need-based financial aid and financial aid for international students in determining its ratings.

In the international students’ category, the average aid supplied by MTSU is $19,133. In the non-need-based category, MTSU supplied an average of $3,888 per student. Need-based scoring is based on the likelihood of receiving need-based aid and the actual amount of need-based aid met. MTSU averaged 64 percent in both columns.

Some of the Tennessee institutions MTSU outranked in overall financial assistance include the University of Tennessee, Belmont University, the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, the University of Tennessee at Martin, and the University of Memphis.MTSU wordmark

For more information about specific financial assistance, contact the MTSU Office of Financial Aid at

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