Windrow joins Murfreesboro mayor for livestreamed ...

Windrow joins Murfreesboro mayor for livestreamed ‘Conversation on Race’ [WATCH]

Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland, an MTSU alumnus, will hold a live televised briefing Tuesday, June 30, at 6 p.m. on Facebook and CityTV, according to a city of Murfreesboro news release.

To watch the briefing live on Facebook, go to (Replay available.)

Shane McFarland, mayor of Murfreesboro 2014-present, MTSU alumnus

Mayor Shane McFarland

Dr. Vincent Windrow

Dr. Vincent Windrow

The mayor’s latest briefing will be a “Conversation on Race” with MTSU’s Vincent L. Windrow, Ph.D., associate vice provost for Student Success and former director of Intercultural and Diversity Affairs who also has served as pastor of Olive Branch Church on Minerva Drive since 1999.  The conversation is the beginning of many briefings McFarland intends to have on the topic of racial inequities in the coming weeks and months.

The televised briefing also will be carried live on CityTV and WGNS Radio and can be viewed on Comcast Xfinity channel 3 & 1094, AT&T Uverse channel 99, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV via Cablecast Screenweave, (replay at top of story), and city website at (check website schedule for replay).

“This Facebook Live briefing on CityTV and WGNS Radio will discuss prejudices and preconceived notions we often hold about race and how we can all do better,” said McFarland in the release. “As mayor, I want to continue to be responsive to citizens of our diverse and growing community by confronting challenging issues and answering questions in real time.”

Conversations about inequities and change are taking place across many sectors of American society, including government, the workplace, neighborhoods, police and in politics. McFarland encourages the Murfreesboro community to join in the conversation.