University greets 114 new faculty for 2011-12

University greets 114 new faculty for 2011-12

MTSU welcomed 114 new faculty members for the 2011-12 academic year during New Faculty Orientation sessions Aug. 23 and 24 in the Business and Aerospace Building.

The new additions, who are distributed throughout eight of the University’s 10 colleges, will join students in their new classes on Saturday, Aug. 27.

The Office of the University Provost provided the list below of new faculty, including tenure-track and temporary members, by college and by department.

College of Basic and Applied Sciences

Phillip Poynor (aerospace)
Kyle Snyder (aerospace)
Wendy Francesconi (agribusiness/agriscience)
Dr. Ying “Iris” Gao (biology)
Dr. Ashley Morris (biology)
Dr. J. Brian Robertson (biology)
Dr. Monique Gibbs (chemistry)
Dr. Yevgeny Moskovitz (chemistry)
Dr. Parthapratim Munshi (chemistry)
Jeremy Myers (chemistry)
Dr. Chengshan Wang (chemistry)
Dr. Hui Yang (chemistry)
Dr. Hyrum Carroll (computer science)
Dr. John Sigle (computer science)
Ayaz Ahmed (concrete industry management)
Thomas Gormley (engineering technology)
Wedige Fernando (mathematical sciences)
Victoria Hamlin (mathematical sciences)
Paul Hendrick (mathematical sciences)
Dr. Rongjin Huang (mathematical sciences)
Johnson Reng (mathematical sciences)
Dr. Jeremy Strayer (mathematical sciences)
Dr. Qiang Wu (mathematical sciences)
Dr. Angela Barlow (MSE Ph.D. Program)
Robin Bollman (MTeach)
Dr. Brian Frank (physics and astronomy)
Dr. Orhan Gencaga (physics and astronomy)
Dr. Valery Youngkins (physics and astronomy)

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences

Dr. Joshua Harms (criminal justice administration)
Lee Wade (criminal justice administration)
Dr. Vaughn Barry (health and human performance)
Dr. Steven Estes (health and human performance)
Dr. Tina Hall (health and human performance)
Dr. Mark Kanning (health and human performance)
Dr. Sandra Stevens (health and human performance)
Amanda Westmoreland (human sciences)
Paula Avaritt (nursing)
Cynthia Driskill (nursing)
Paul Williamson (nursing)
Stan Golden (psychology)
Dr. Elroy Sullivan (psychology)
Dr. Barbara Turnage (social work)

Jones College of Business

Dr. Stanley Clark (accounting)
Dr. Mark Jobe (accounting)
Anne Wilkins (accounting)
Michael Banks (computer information systems)
Dr. Mary Shotwell (computer information systems)
Dr. Todd Gabel (economics and finance)
Bram Gallagher (economics and finance)
Dr. Michael Hammock (economics and finance)
Dr. Michael Roach (economics and finance)
Nan Zhang (economics and finance)
Alizabeth Allgood (management and marketing)
Dr. John Lipinski (management and marketing)
Leonard Silverman (management and marketing)
Michael Sloane (management and marketing)

College of Education

Dr. Michelle Arnold (educational leadership)
Dr. Charles Milligan (educational leadership)
Sandra Sanders (educational leadership)
Dr. Tracey Utley (educational leadership)
Dr. Thomas Black (elementary and special education)
Dr. Gina Dildine (elementary and special education)
Dr. Amy Elleman (elementary and special education)
Maria Lara (elementary and special education)
Dr. Katherine Mangione (elementary and special education)
Danielle Moore (elementary and special education)
Christy Rowe (elementary and special education)

College of Liberal Arts

Charles Clary (art)
Katrina Kuntz (art)
David Walker (art)
Dr. Jill Anderson (English)
James Hamby (English)
Dr. Frances Henderson (English)
Mark Johnson (English)
David Lumpkin (English)
Adam McInturff (English)
Candace Moonshower (English)
Wilfred Robles (English)
Dr. Robert Blankenship (foreign languages and literatures)
Vilay Lyxuchouky (foreign languages and literatures)
Dr. Noriko Mori (foreign languages and literatures)
Dr. Jason Pettigrew (foreign languages and literatures)
Stephen McClain (geosciences)
Dr. Carolyn Barske (history)
Becky Bruce (history)
Dr. Jonathan Foster (history)
Dr. Elizabeth Gritter (history)
Dr. Brian Ingrassia (history)
Dr. Kathleen McGuire (history)
Dr. Josue Rey (history)
Dr. John Smith (history)
Dr. Christine Kim (music)
Stephen Robertson (political science)
Kent Syler (political science)
Dr. Jessica Chelekis (sociology and anthropology)
Dr. Mary Asbury (speech and theatre)
Andrew Dix (speech and theatre)
Melicent Homan (speech and theatre)
Jennifer Jackson (speech and theatre)
Jenna Kosowski (speech and theatre)
Jessica Kratzer (speech and theatre)
John McElheney (speech and theatre)
Dr. Toy Mitchell (speech and theatre)
Patrick Richey (speech and theatre)
Dr. Elizabeth Stephens (speech and theatre)

James E. Walker Library

Karen Dearing

College of Mass Communication

William Pittard (electronic media communication)
Shannon Randol (electronic media communication)
Jonathan Trundle (electronic media communication)
Cary Greenwood (journalism)
Tonya Butler (recording industry)
Alan Mintz (recording industry)
Deborah Wagnon (recording industry)

University College

Joycelyn Gray (university studies)
Michael Wiley (university studies)