Latest MTSU iMagazine features research, music, mo...

Latest MTSU iMagazine features research, music, more

From an MTSU professor’s research on artifacts traded in Tennessee by 16th century Spanish explorers to an interview with a country music superstar with deep MTSU roots, the newest electronic mini-version of MTSU Magazine for tablets and smartphones covers a broad swath of topics for the university’s growing web and app audiences to enjoy.

Click the image to download the MTSU Magazine app for the iPad. It’s also now available for Android devices at Google Play.

Available through the MTSU Magazine app for iPads, iPhones and Android devices, the electronic-only version includes several stories with multimedia content that aren’t available in print. The MTSU Mag app is available in the iTunes store (click the image at right) and now at Google Play here.

The latest mini-edition includes:

  • A profile of anthropology professor Tanya Peres’ work surveying artifacts from a late prehistoric site on a private residence in Chattanooga. Her work adds to the body of evidence suggesting Spaniards traveled through the Tennessee region and traded with local Native Americans.
  • A conversation with country music superstar Chris Young about MTSU’s impact both on the Nashville music industry and in his own life.
  • A closer look at MTSU’s newest class of Distinguished Alumni.
  • A profile of biology professor Brian Miller, who won a national award from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies for his studies on the Hellbender Salamander in Middle Tennessee.
  • An article defending the value and relevance of a liberal arts education in today’s job-obsessed environment.

The content in the mini-magazine also is available online at

The next print edition of MTSU Magazine will reach MTSU alumni and friends by mail in January 2014.

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