MTSU senior feels university’s support durin...

MTSU senior feels university’s support during transition to remote classes

As students, faculty and staff come to grips with the “new” normal for the remainder of the semester, many are making the most of the unusual circumstances.

Sheridan Sain is a senior majoring in Business Administration, who is set to graduate in May. She’s also 36 weeks pregnant.

“I’m glad MTSU has handled the situation so effectively unlike other colleges who have kicked out students who rely on housing and meal plans. MTSU has supported those students and have made it known they are here to help in any way they can,” she said.

While switching to remote classes in the middle of the semester is stressful for students and professors, it’s an obstacle Sheridan believes everyone will overcome together.

“The professors are here to help through this transition time in any way. Make sure to use that to your advantage,” she said. She also advises her fellow classmates and students to use this time to reflect and form healthy habits – like washing your hands!

Like all seniors, Sheridan is looking forward to graduation.

“I am so glad that graduation isn’t cancelled, as I’m sure the rest of the seniors are who have worked so hard for four-plus years to get to walk across that stage and receive our diplomas,” Sheridan said.

MTSU President, Dr. Sidney McPhee said he will make a decision on commencement ceremonies on April 1. If the ceremonies have to be canceled due to recommendations by the Center for Disease Control, spring graduates will be invited to participate in either the August or December ceremonies. Read more here.

“These are unprecedented times and no doubt create challenges for our Blue Raider community. However, as has been demonstrated many times before, our MTSU family is resilient and highly capable of finding solutions to problems like this. As we go about our daily business, I would ask that we be mindful of the stress and uncertainty that are inherent in times like this. A little extra patience, compassion and kindness will go a long way in helping us navigate this extraordinary event,” Dr. McPhee said.

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