MTSU launches new streamlined look, enhancements f...

MTSU launches new streamlined look, enhancements for website

MTSU has launched the first phase of an ongoing effort to enhance and revitalize the university’s primary website,

MTSU’s home page features a new look and easier navigation after a redesign announced today. (MTSU photo by Darby Campbell)

The effort is a work in progress, in two ways:

  • It represents a step forward in design, functionality and audience focus.
  • Our work isn’t finished. When you explore the site, you will see a blend of page designs, both new and old, depending on where you look.

The home page reflects the design that will eventually migrate to the entire site.

  • It’s streamlined, with less visual clutter and text, and features a consistent page-navigation strategy.
  • The enhancement includes the creation of special pages devoted to our 100-plus programs of study. These new pages are simple, easy to read and written with a focus on providing prospective students and their parents with information about our programs’ attributes and pride points.
  • You’ll likely note the embedded video players on the program-of-study pages, which allow us to offer even more information about our majors and colleges.

Eventually, the entire site will have a design similar to what you now see on the home page and the program-of-study pages. However, we decided to phase in the changes throughout the 2013-14 academic year, allowing our technical teams to work with each college, department and entity to ensure digital information is properly migrated to the new platform.

Meanwhile, older pages on the site will remain active, as we meet with community members to map an orderly transition. You can still use the A-to-Z Index link at the top of the home page to navigate to all of the legacy pages on the site.

The enhancement is a result of a partnership between MTSU’s Information Technology Division, Office of Marketing and Communications, Admissions Office, and Academic Affairs in the Office of the University Provost. We welcome your feedback and suggestions at

—   Andrew Oppmann (