NCAA compliance is focus of ‘MTSU Magazine&#...

NCAA compliance is focus of ‘MTSU Magazine’ article

MTSU’s ever-increasing efforts to maintain athletic compliance with NCAA standards are highlighted in the latest edition of MTSU Magazine.

Sports headlines have been filled lately with stories of inappropriate activity occurring in college athletics’ programs at places like the University of Miami, The Ohio State University and the University of North Carolina.

“As MTSU’s athletics programs get better and better, they’re attracting welcome attention from the media, fans, boosters, and professional leagues,” writes MTSU Magazine Editor Drew Ruble.

“University officials, meanwhile, are being vigilant to ensure student athletes don’t attract attention of an unwelcome sort—from rogue sports agents and careless boosters whose gifts, money, or favors can wreck an athlete’s undergraduate career, cost the University revenue, and erase winning seasons.

“Fortunately, boosters don’t have to guess at what’s permitted and what’s out of bounds. The dos and don’ts are spelled out at”

MTSU Magazine is distributed twice annually to more than 96,000 alumni readers, many living within 100 miles of MTSU. Additional copies of the alumni-and-friends publication are distributed to interested stakeholders, including MTSU faculty and staff, state lawmakers and members of the Tennessee Board of Regents. The magazine also is available online at

The magazine, relaunched in April, is part of a recent reformatting of MTSU communications’ efforts. Two longtime publications, The Alumni Record and The Record, were discontinued this past summer. MTSU supporters now can visit the new digital information site,, for real-time delivery of news, video and other multimedia features about the University.