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Provost, staff prepare new MTSU faculty for succes...

Provost, staff prepare new MTSU faculty for success

New faculty members are now more familiar with the MTSU experience following an orientation session Tuesday at the Student Union.

Diane Turnham, MTSU associate athletic director and senior women’s administrator, addresses some 70 new faculty members Tuesday, Aug. 20, inside the Student Union during new faculty orientation. Looking on at far left is University Provost Brad Bartel. (MTSU photo by News and Media Relations)

More than 70 educators representing 36 disciplines filed past tables staffed with MTSU personnel, who acquainted them with the James E. Walker Library, the Campus Pharmacy, BluePrint and other on-campus services.

While many were still learning their new professional contact information, they were eager to become more fully connected with the staffers who will enhance their working lives.

Dr. Brad Bartel

“We want to make sure you’re successful — in the classroom and out of the classroom,” said Dr. Brad Bartel, university provost, in his introductory remarks. “We want you to get off to a good start.”

Bartel informed the new faculty of professional development workshops available to them this academic year. Topics include legal issues, international opportunities and equity and inclusion.

The provost also emphasized the need to improve student retention and graduation rates, pointing to some of the unique characteristics of the multitasking, totally digital millennial scholar.

“You’ve got to align the way you work with the way they learn,” Bartel said.

Dr. Adam Clark, a new associate professor in the MTSU School of Music, joins the campus community from San Luis Obispo, California.

“I’ve been in my office for about a week now,” Clark said. “I’ve had a good time just wandering around, getting to know the campus, getting to know my colleagues.”

New MTSU faculty members joining the university for the 2014-15 academic year, listed by college and their schools or departments, include:

College of Basic and Applied Sciences

  • Durant Bridges, aerospace.
  • Donald Crews, aerospace.
  • Sarah Newton-Crowell, School of Agribusiness/Agriscience.
  • Dr. Alicja Lanfear, biology.
  • Dr. Joshua Phillips, computer information systems.
  • Jonathan Huddleston, concrete industry management.
  • Yating Hu, engineering technology.
  • Dr. Xizhen Du, geosciences.
  • Amy Chen, geosciences.
  • Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Preski, military science.
  • Capt. Shane Smith, military science.
  • Dr. Robert Mahurin, physics and astronomy.

College of Behavioral and Health Sciences

  • Dr. Ronald Craig, criminal justice
  • Dr. Kathryn Blankenship, health and human performance.
  • Dr. Kathryn Guillot, health and human performance.
  • Dr. Linda Oakleaf, health and human performance.
  • Dr. Brian Ragan, health and human performance.
  • Dr. Bethany Wrye, health and human performance.
  • Cynthia Ayers, human sciences.
  • LaJuana Gill, human sciences.
  • Cindy Aragam, School of Nursing.
  • Lisa Cejka, School of Nursing.
  • Yvonne Creighton, School of Nursing.
  • Joyce Finch, School of Nursing.
  • Leigh Ann Krabousanos, School of Nursing.
  • Mary Wetsell, School of Nursing.
  • William Todd Vickrey, School of Nursing.
  • Dr. Loraine Fernandez, psychology.
  • Dr. Jon Frederick, psychology.
  • Angela Walker, psychology.
  • Dr. Justin Bucchio, social work.

Jones College of Business

  • Sid Bundy, accounting.
  • Kelly Williams, accounting.
  • Dr. William McDowell, business communication and entrepreneurship.
  • Dr. Stoney Brooks, computer information systems.
  • Dr. Philip Seagraves, economic and finance.
  • Dr. Joshua Aaron, management and marketing.

College of Education

  • Dr. Amy Childre, elementary and special education.
  • Dr. Shannon Harmon, elementary and special education.
  • Dr. Eric Oslund, elementary and special education.

College of Liberal Arts

  • Dawn Dickins, art.
  • Nicholas Satinover, art.
  • Kyle Stoneman, art.
  • Gloria Wilson, art.
  • Dr. Maria Bachman, English.
  • Keri Carter, English.
  • Jamie Trusty, English.
  • Dr. Jesse Williams, English.
  • Dr. James Chaney, global studies.
  • Dr. Andrew Baker, history.
  • Dr. Thomas Cooper, history.
  • Dr. Andrew Polk, history.
  • Dr. Benjamin Sawyer, history.
  • Sabrina Thomas, history.
  • Dr. Patrick Casey, School of Music.
  • Dr. Adam Clark, School of Music.
  • Charles Kennedy, School of Music.
  • Dr. Joseph Morgan, School of Music.
  • Jean Paul Crissien, political science.
  • Margaret Brooker, speech and theatre.
  • Katie Green-Gruber, speech and theatre.
  • Kevin Guy, speech and theatre.
  • Kelly Lynch, speech and theatre.

College of Mass Communication

  • Dr. Gregory Reish, Center for Popular Music.
  • Alison Sultan, electronic media communication.
  • Carla Swank, electronic media communication.
  • Andrea Phillips, School of Journalism.
  • Charles Blackmon, recording industry.
  • Gloria Green, recording industry.
  • Stacy Merida, recording industry.

University College

  • Antonia Garcia.
  • Joycelyn Gray, university studies.

Walker Library

  • Ashley Shealy.

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