January ‘Out of the Blue’ welcomes new...

January ‘Out of the Blue’ welcomes new year with new look at serving students with disabilities, teaching evolution, building a brand with TikTok

The January 2022 edition of Middle Tennessee State University‘s “Out of the Blue” TV magazine show leaps right into the new year with stories on how a campus center is improving students’ academic access, new ideas for teaching a scientific theory that can conflict with religion, and a marketing professor’s 21st-century approach to building a brand.

Join us this month to hear from:

• Dr. Kevin States, director of MTSU’s Disability and Access Center, who discusses the services, resources and help students with disabilities of all kinds can find, and request, to help create a level playing field in the classroom.

• Dr. Elizabeth Barnes, an assistant professor in the Department of Biology in the College of Basic and Applied Sciences, whose research into the most effective ways to teach undergrad students the scientific theory of evolution while respecting their religious and cultural influences is making waves nationwide.

• Dr. Rajesh Srivastava of the Department of Marketing in the Jones College of Business, whose inaugural TikTok video welcoming students to his class went viral, spawning an opportunity to create his own brand — and show his students the process — with daily videos about teaching and education.

The latter story is the inaugural contribution to “Out of the Blue” from students in the award-winning “Middle Tennessee News” program, coordinated by professors Christine and Daniel Eschenfelder in the School of Journalism and Strategic Media in the College of Media and Entertainment.

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