Lecturer’s MTSU Virtual Star Party zeros in on ‘Se...

Lecturer’s MTSU Virtual Star Party zeros in on ‘Search for Water in Solar System’

MTSU Department of Physics and Astronomy faculty member Gregg McPherson will bring a Virtual Star Party via Zoom starting at 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 3.

McPherson’s 45-minute talk will be on “The Search for Water in the Solar System.”

April 3, 2020, MTSU Virtual Star Party graphicThe presentation will stream via Zoom. Go to to view.

MTSU Star Parties are a way for the department to bring MTSU, Murfreesboro and surrounding communities together, but with all on-campus events canceled because of COVID-19 concerns, McPherson will be in his own home rather than Wiser-Patten Science Hall, the regular location for MTSU Star Parties.

Department of Physics and Astronomy logo“Over the past two decades, scientists have been gathering a wealth of evidence of the existence of water in a variety of concentrations and phases throughout the solar system,” said McPherson, a Physics and Astronomy instructor.

“From water ice on the surface of our moon to the possibility of liquid oceans beneath the frozen exteriors of the moons of Jupiter, this talk will review some of the most interesting methods used to find extraterrestrial bodies of water and tour a few of the most surprising results,” he added.

Physics and Astronomy is one of 11 College of Basic and Applied Sciences departments.

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