(WATCH) Study-abroad group gives True Blue salute ...

(WATCH) Study-abroad group gives True Blue salute to fallen MTSU alumnus in Vietnam

Members of an MTSU study-abroad course remembered a fallen alumnus recently on the site where he gave his life during an infamous battle in the Vietnam War. History professor Derek Frisby and a small group of students in his course, “Warfare and Public Memory in Vietnam,” visited Hill 937 in Vietnam’s A Shau Valley just days before American’s remembered fallen soldiers during Memorial Day observances. One of the soldiers who died in the Battle of Hamburger Hill was U.S. Army Spc. Jerry Michael Lovell, a 22-year-old from Shelbyville, Tennessee, who was killed May 18, 1969. Frisby and five students climbed the hill recently to pay tribute to Lovell, who attended MTSU in 1964.

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