MTSU’s supply chain master’s program ranked No. 2 ...

MTSU’s supply chain master’s program ranked No. 2 nationally by higher-ed website

Middle Tennessee State University has been awarded a top ranking for its master’s program in supply chain management by, a website that recently released its higher education resource guide for such programs for 2023.

MTSU’s Master of Science in Supply Chain Management Program through the Jones College of Business and College of Graduate Studies was ranked No. 2 out of the top 27 such programs across the nation and was noted as the program “best for adult learners.”

Dr. Dan Morrell, professor, Department of Management, Jones College of Business
Dr. Dan Morrell

“Since we began offering a graduate program in supply chain management in 2013, our program has always been focused on meeting the needs of working professionals,” management professor Dan Morrell, advisor for the program. “Due to the travel demands of supply chain managers, they require a program that is online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world any hour of the day. 

“Our students sharing their daily real-world experiences in the supply chain industry gives application to the course content, and we often hear students say they learned something in class that they were immediately able to implement at work.”

According to, the list covers master’s programs in supply chain management “that prepare graduates for leadership roles in logistics and distribution.” 

Such positions can pay well in a growing field, with purchasing managers making a median annual salary of more than $112,000, while storage and distribution managers make more than $103,000 yearly, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Degrees offered included Master of Science in Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Master of Science in Supply Chain Management, Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management, and Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management. Students can choose from in-person, online, and hybrid learning formats.

“We evaluated each program on the basis of flexibility, faculty, course strength, cost, and reputation,” the website states.

“Our master’s in supply chain management program is about giving students practical tools, based on interactions with our large network of manufacturers and distributors in Middle Tennessee that are world leaders in efficiency and productivity,” Morrell said.

For more information about MTSU’s master’s program in supply chain management, visit the program website, email or call 615-494-7758.

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