The Culmination of a Basketball Career

The Culmination of a Basketball Career

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Contributing Writer -Alexandria Johnson, Women’s Basketball

It is surreal to think that my 17-year basketball career will conclude in March 2019. Spring of 2019 will be the culmination of an amazing journey for me. I have played basketball since I was 5 years old, and I have enjoyed every aspect of the game.

The game has taught me so much.  I’ve learned about leadership, teamwork, work ethic, communication, and how to prioritize.  The game has taken me to places I never imagined. I’ve met so many people and made friends all because of the game. It has been a wonderful ride.

The season has officially started now with our first official practice occurring last week. I am looking forward to the upcoming season with a very, very talented team. This season will be a fun season to watch and even more fun for me to play with super talented teammates.

Last season was disappointing. Sustaining an injury in the first game of the season was devastating. I had so many goals just to watch them slowly move out of grasp as the injury lingered until late into the season. It was the first time I ever had a serious injury playing basketball.  It was a new experience for me but I had to look at the bigger picture which was to be healthy to play another season.

I have worked hard since last season’s injury, and I am ready to give everything I have to this last season. I am looking forward to enjoying each day I step onto the court with my teammates and my coaches.


Each day will be the first of many last as a college athlete. I plan to be present in every moment.

My goal is to end this career on top.  My goal is to win the conference regular season as well as the Conference USA title.

Beyond that, my goal is for our team to play deep into the postseason.  No matter where we go or how long we are in the postseason, I am in it until the last whistle is blown, the last call is made, and until I walk off the court for the last time as a Lady Raider. It is exciting yet sad at the same time.  Basketball has been my life since I was a child. Who knows what the future holds? Will I play in the WNBA? I am not sure. Will I play overseas? Maybe.  Whatever the future holds, it will be another amazing journey. Maybe this season won’t be the end. Stay tuned.

– Alexandria Johnson

Photo Credits – Brent Beerends