UPDATE: MTSU cancels Jan. 1 tornado sirens testing

UPDATE: MTSU cancels Jan. 1 tornado sirens testing

Tornado damage photo from Adobe Stock Images; MTSU logo

Middle Tennessee State University has canceled its monthly tornado siren test on campus and at the Miller Coliseum Complex on Monday, Jan. 1, at 11:20 a.m. due to inclement weather.

The test, conducted by the University Police Department, is a brief opportunity to ensure MTSU’s outdoor warning system is working as needed.

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If there’s hazardous weather near or approaching campus at the scheduled test time, however, the sirens won’t be tested.

MTSU notifies its campus and surrounding neighborhoods before each siren test. The university uses a “first Monday” monthly tornado-siren testing schedule to minimize distractions for the campus and its neighbors.

Tests are conducted on the first Monday of each month, even if the university’s closed for a holiday.

Members of the campus community can prepare for emergency weather by checking MTSU’s list of recommended shelters at The complete siren-testing schedule also is available at

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Remember: When there’s a weather emergency, all students, faculty and staff automatically receive a Rave Mobile Safety alert at their MTSU email addresses. The university’s tornado sirens are intended to alert those who may be outdoors during dangerous weather.

MTSU community members who also want to be notified via text and/or voice message from the university’s Rave alert system can use the “click here and log in” link at to begin those alerts.

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