MTSU family reiterates values in new True Blue Ple...

MTSU family reiterates values in new True Blue Pledge video

Middle Tennessee State University enlisted a diverse cast of students, faculty, staff and alumni to recite the latest video expression of what is becoming a cherished Blue Raider tradition.

The True Blue Pledge is recited each fall at MTSU’s annual University Convocation ceremony during which university President Sidney A. McPhee formally welcomes new students to campus and explains MTSU rituals and traditions.

The pledge, which begins with the simple phrase “I am True Blue,” underscores MTSU’s core values of honesty and integrity; respect for diversity; engagement in the community; and committing to reason, not violence.

“These words express not only the ideals the University wishes to share with its students but also our devotion to student success,” said McPhee, who enlisted a task force four years ago to develop the university’s foundational values and ultimately the pledge that captures the spirit of those values.

The True Blue Pledge reads:

“I am True Blue.

“As a member of this diverse community, I am a valuable contributor to its progress and success. I am engaged in the life of this community. I am a recipient and a giver.

“I am a listener and a speaker. I am honest in word and deed. I am committed to reason, not violence. I am a learner now and forever.

“I am a BLUE RAIDER. True Blue!”

The latest video features 18 members of the MTSU community, ranging from prominent alumni to regular students and professors to student-athletes. Appearing in the latest video, in order of appearance, are:

  • Lindsey Pierce — Student Government Association president.
  • Mateo Rodriguez — Student Government Association senator.
  • Nausheen Qureshi — Student ambassador.
  • Shane McFarland — mayor of Murfreesboro and MTSU alumnus.
  • Reggie Upshaw — student-athlete (men’s basketball).
  • Claire Robinson — student (nursing).
  • Sina Serati — student (computer science).
  • Hanna Witherspoon — MTSU alumna.
  • Ryan Otter — professor (biology).
  • Charles Lyons — student (Greek fraternity, veteran).
  • Brett Patterson — student-athlete (men’s golf).
  • Abbey Sissom — student-athlete (women’s basketball).
  • Tricia Farwell — Faculty Senate president.
  • Caitlin Yasui — Campus School student.
  • Stephanie Moore — student (Greek sorority).
  • Darius Johnson — student-athlete (football).
  • Emily Jorgenson — student-athlete (soccer).
  • Joe Bales — vice president for university advancement

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