Text of ‘VetSuccess’ agreement

Wording of the VetSuccess Program agreement between MTSU and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

In the MOU agreement between MTSU and the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs:

The Department of Veterans Affairs, or VA, and Middle Tennessee State University agree that the successful readjustment of veterans into the civilian workforce is a mutual responsibility and concern. In order to advance, improve and expand the employment opportunities for disabled and non-disabled Veterans, both parties of this memorandum of understanding (MOU or Agreement) commit themselves to active cooperation in meeting the goals set forth in this agreement.

The team approach under this MOU will ensure that quality and timely services will be provided to all participants, while minimizing duplication of efforts and respecting the roles of MTSU and VA personnel. Supporting this coordinated effort will be staff personnel from both VA and MTSU, including MTSU’s Veterans Affairs office and VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment service and Education and Vet Center programs. To promote these efforts, each organization will establish and maintain an effective mechanism for service delivery.

1.       VA will provide:

  1.  On-campus outreach to veterans.
  2. Transition support services.
  3. Referrals for VA medical and mental health services.
  4. Adjustment and career counseling services specific to VA benefits and Veterans issues.
  5. Assistance in applying for other VA benefits.
  6. Job placement assistance and coordination with local Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program Specialists and Local Veterans’ Employment Representatives.
  7. Expertise to the MTSU community on the Veteran experience.
  8. Referral to campus services as necessary.
  9. VA will ensure that VA personnel have access to the resources necessary to provide services to veterans on campus.
  10.  VA may provide a work-study student receptionist position that will be shared with the veteran certifying official if the long-term location is adjacent to the veteran certifying official’s office.  The position will be funded under the Federal work-study program. The position requirement is subject to change as determined by work-study student availability.

2.       MTSU will provide:

  1. Use of office space for VA personnel to provide services and assistance outlined in this agreement at no cost to VA.
  2. Inclusion of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors in new student programs, i.e. new student orientation and Welcome Week, as appropriate.
  3. Practical training on current services provided by MTSU, including career counseling, vocational assessment, employment assistance, financial aid, financial services, psychological counseling and health services, services for students with disabilities, learning assistance and academic advising.
  4. Inclusion of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors on the MTSU administration’s Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.
  5. On-campus point of contact for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.
  6. Expertise to VA on college student development and the college-student experience.