We Haul 2013: MTSU volunteers help new students mo...

We Haul 2013: MTSU volunteers help new students move in (VIDEO)

Hundreds of new MTSU students and their families descended on campus Aug. 23 to move into their dorms, but they didn’t do so by themselves.

Students, faculty and staff turned out on a steamy summer day to help the newest additions to the Blue Raider community get settled into their new homes during the annual We-Haul event.

Approximately 3,000 students live in MTSU’s traditional residence halls, apartment complexes and houses on Greek Row. The MTSU Office of Leadership and Service coordinated teams of volunteers interested in helping with new student move-in, including MTSU President Sidney A. McPhee.

We-Haul is the first of numerous MTSU’s Week of Welcome activities that run through Thursday, Sept. 5.

Jackie Victory, director of the MTSU Office of Leadership and Service, said some new additions to the process included the We Haul traffic crew as well as crew leaders to make the process more organized.

“Today (Friday) has been a great opening weekend,” she said. “We had some great students to come out to help students and welcome new students to campus.”

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