What to Expect on Game Day

MTSU Football team enters stadium in a rush

Fall means it’s time for Raider football in Murfreesboro. MTSU’s Football program is a powerhouse in Conference USA. We are a Division One program with a promise to keep excelling. The last two seasons have been examples of our dominance. Both the 2015 and 2016 seasons have resulted in bowl game appearances. In 2015, Raider football found ourselves in the Bahamas Bowl and a year later we appeared in the Hawaii Bowl.   

General game day campus activities. Photo via MTSUNews


True Blue is an Understatement

If you haven’t figured it out yet, MTSU loves blue –“True Blue” to be exact – and we love to show it off. 😁   Game days can be the best way to show off your True Blue gear.  The men usually wear polos or button downs. Make sure to wear your cowboy boots as well and if it’s really sunny try adding a baseball cap and some MT croakies on your shades. As for the ladies, most try to wear their True Blue dresses or Football jerseys. You can even accessorize with an organization’s button. Most of the sorority women will be sporting their said letters with, “loves the Raiders” added.  If you still are lacking some MT gear, stop by Phillip’s Bookstore in the Student Union on campus or Textbook Brokers.

Game day’s “kind of a big deal.”

Game day's kind of a big deal.

Game day’s kind of a big deal.

Game day traditions run deep in our institution’s culture. The Raider Walk takes place in the Grove. Near the Horseshoe, there is a path with blue lightning bolts that runs along the south side of Peck Hall. Raider walk is always one of the best ways to get you hyped up for the game. We get to cheer on the coaches and players as they walk to Floyd Stadium to get suited up for the big game. This is truly one of the coolest aspects of a game day because the pep band is out in full force, and hundreds of Raider fans and tailgaters join in cheering on the Blue Raiders to victory. Our True Pride becomes the most dominating factor when the season is in full force.


Walnut Grove

“The Grove,” as most students will call it, is the epicenter of the tailgating festivities. You will see all types of organizations thriving during tailgates in the Grove, like Greek life, Alumni and much more. You can all see our lucky blue horseshoe. Make sure to give it a rub before the game to give the team a little good luck.

How to get in the game

Make sure to keep track of your student ID. Let me say again – make sure to keep track of your student ID. This is what you will use to get into the game so don’t be that guy or gal who asks their friends to sacrifice game day. MTSU lets all of it enrolled students attend all sporting events for free, so be sure and take advantage of this while you’re on campus. With 17 Division 1 sports in the Conference USA, MTSU is a force to be reckoned with and always puts on a good game.

For those away games

The Boulevard

Local game day spot for good food and good times.

When you find yourself watching our beloved Raiders on TV, you can find many options around campus to cheer them on. The Boulevard has some of the best food in town. I personally would recommend the Boulevard Burger. This is also where you can find the biggest fan base in town on game days. If you weren’t in Murfreesboro when MTSU Men’s Basketball beat Michigan State in the first round of the NCAA tournament, here’s a peek inside as the buzzer sounded and the Blue Raiders advanced.