Why You Should Choose True Blue

This time of year is always a stressful one. For us college students, it’s a time for exam prep, all-nighters and begging professors for a last-minute extra credit opportunity. However, if you’re a senior in high school, big decisions are about to be made that could very well influence the rest of your life. Don’t worry—everything will be just fine no matter what school you choose, but I’d like to give you eight reasons why you should choose MTSU and become “true blue.”

National Ranking

It’s no secret that MTSU is a good school. In fact, for the third consecutive year, MTSU has found a place on The Princeton Review’s list of “The Best 387 Colleges.” This puts our school in the top 13% of the roughly 3,000 four-year institutions in the country. That’s a prestigious accomplishment, and one worth noting. We’re not just a run-of-the-mill state university. We are nationally known and ranked.

Fantastic Opportunities

MTSU does everything it possibly can to get students the best opportunities. For example, if you are a student in enrolled in the College of Media and Entertainment, you could have the chance to go to Bonnaroo. Those students earn college credit and gain real-world experience while attending one of the most popular music festivals in the country. It’s a hands-on experience to prepare students for the real world.

MTSU also has a generous amount of study abroad programs. Some programs are for a specific class, while others are for specific majors and departments. Some are open to all majors. If you know you want to study abroad at some point in your college career, we have options upon options of programs for you.

Fantastic Professors

Equally inspiring as the opportunities at our school are the professors. Every department seems to have professors that are not only beyond qualified, but also care about students and their success. I know as a Music Business major, I have had professors with years of entertainment law experience, invitations to the Grammy Awards, top positions at successful newspapers, and years of managing well-known artists. Each of these professors also had a clear passion for their students. These professors will care for you and work with you to get you to your fullest academic and career-world potential.

Commitment to Student Success

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. MTSU is committed to student success. Due to this commitment, there are many programs set in place to ensure that students have everything they need and more. There are many classes that have free tutoring paired with them if you’re having a bit more trouble in that biology class. If you have a paper that’s worth 25% of your grade, the Writing Center in the library has your back. If you’re short on grocery money for the month, we have a food pantry in the admissions building ready and willing to give you whatever you need. I could go on and on. We have so many amazing resources on campus just waiting to be used. That was only the tip of the iceberg.


Our campus is in a very convenient spot. You’re right down the road from Nashville where the city is bustling with excitement. Here you’ll find music, history, and sports either at Bridgestone Arena or Nissan Stadium. Is a big city too much? Take a day trip to Chattanooga and discover some amazing views while hiking. If you want to stay in Murfreesboro, even better! We’re the city that has it all. A lively town square five minutes from campus, seemingly endless trails and hiking spots, and parks galore. At MTSU, everything you could want from a location seems well within reach.

Something for Everyone

Due to the high student population at our school, there’s bound to be somewhere where you’ll fit right in. We have a vast amount of student organizations. We have multiple fraternities and sororities, art clubs, college ministries, math clubs, music clubs, film clubs, and even martial arts clubs. I can tell you confidently that whatever you’re interested in, MTSU has something for you.

Chocolate Milk

If you had any prior knowledge of MTSU before this, then you knew this was coming. Our chocolate milk—made right here on campus—is, in a word, exquisite. I do not like chocolate milk. I do not care for it. But MTSU’s chocolate milk? There are no words to describe it. Even if you don’t choose to go here, do yourself a favor when you tour the campus and get a bottle. It’s amazing. There is no string of words in the English dialect to properly convey just how much I appreciate the MTSU chocolate milk. That is all. Let’s continue.

There’s Always Something Going On

There’s always something going on! It’s awesome! For example, this past Valentine’s Day, one of the student organizations put on an event where students could come and stuff their own little stuffed animal and make a gift basket. Who thinks of that? The whole thing was free, too. Even if you think there’s nothing going on, there is almost always a movie showing in the Student Union. If you can’t afford to go to the movies because you’re spending all your money on bettering your future, then don’t worry. Wait like two months and the Student Programming and Activities Office will have a few showings of it for free in the STU.

I’ve given you my reasons, but I’d like to just speak from the heart for a moment. Choosing this school was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I look at my life and everything in it, and everyone in it and I realize that none of it would be here had I chose to go to another college. Or, at least, it would look very different. I will forever be grateful for MTSU’s commitment to my success, my amazing professors, and the other incredible students I’ve known and loved along the way. Do yourself a favor and choose True Blue.

Author Nicole Alexander is currently an undergraduate student in the Recording Industry Program in the College of Media and Entertainment.