5 Great Employment Opportunities on MTSU’s C...

5 Great Employment Opportunities on MTSU’s Campus

Student workers in the Office of Marketing & Communications sitting at desks with computers in front of them producing lifestyle blog content for the MTSU Student Voice. Photo: John Goodwin

Let’s face it: College isn’t cheap. It’s a financial responsibility for some of us and the only way we can survive is to work on the side. Now, I know working a part-time job as a full-time student isn’t the most glamorous thing about college life – been there, done that – but it doesn’t always have to be a dreaded experience.

If only there were interesting jobs that worked around your school schedule and are conveniently located on campus. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not at all! MTSU offers up some employment opportunities that are far from boring, and I’m here to help shine a light on a few that stand out.

Group Fitness Instructor at the Rec Center

Participants enjoy a “Dance Fit” class at MTSU Campus Recreation. (Submitted photo)

Participants enjoy a “Dance Fit” class at MTSU Campus Recreation. (Submitted photo)

Are you a gym buff who wants to get paid for your time toning muscles and burning calories? Our campus Rec Center offers the opportunity to work as a group fitness instructor for students. Whether you’re a beast at barre or a pro at pilates, the Rec Center offers up 37 classes over the course of 6 days throughout the week to students – that gives you numerous weekly opportunities to get paid for teaching all the while burning some calories. Contact the Rec Center to learn how to get started.

Contributing Writer for the MTSU Sidelines Newspaper

Writing for MTSU’s student-led newspaper, MTSU Sidelines, is a fantastic opportunity to get paid for your work. “But I’ve never written for a newspaper before.” Don’t worry, my friend! Sidelines encourages writing for them regardless of experience. Sidelines pays per article that you publish, so if you’re looking for a smaller side gig or have a busier schedule, this might be a great starting point.

Coming from someone who’s currently writing for Sidelines, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get started in newspaper publications. If you’re interested, MTSU Sidelines holds weekly meetings at 6 p.m. every Thursday. These meetings are always open to new writers. Whether you show up the first, third or eighth week into the semester, Sidelines is always open to new contributors. That being said, there’s no official application process, but you can always contact Sidelines for more information.

Sound Engineer / Stage Hand for Hinton Hall

A student from the Department of Recording Industry smiles in front of sound mixing board in the School of Music's music hall

Recording Industry students assist with live sound recordings in School of Music’s Hinton Hall

Do you have free evenings and interest in recording music? Well, the School of Music offers positions as sound engineers and stagehands for Hinton Hall, the university’s music performance hall. From salsa to jazz to steel drum music, the School of Music puts on a wide variety of performances and typically hosts a few concerts every week – a perfect opportunity for students who need a more consistent paycheck. When you’re near Music City (a nickname for Nashville if you’re new to the area), what better job to work than one that supports music? Because of necessary training, most employees start out as stagehands to help move chairs and cue lights, but eventually employees move up to sound reinforcement. Similar to Sidelines, there’s no formal application process, but you can inquire more about this job by emailing the School of Music’s manager of facilities, Tim Musselman.

Student Patrol for the Campus Police

If you have a squeaky-clean criminal record and a desire to keep your campus safe, the campus police offer up a position as a student patrol officer. This job is more for those individuals out there who have a commitment towards the safety of others and are willing to devote at least 18 hours a week and occasional holidays to their campus.

A student patrol officer’s responsibility includes student escorting and building security. It’s definitely not the easiest job out there, but if you’re someone who’s interested in pursuing a job in law enforcement in the future, this is a great first place to start. Check out the MTSU Campus Police webpage for more information about the job, its requirements, and its application.

Academic Mentor for the Student-Athlete Enhancement Center

Madison Lowrance, a faculty member, tutors MTSU tennis player Stijn Slump, in Student-Athlete Enhancement Center

Madison Lowrance, faculty, helps Stijn Slump, MTSU tennis athlete, at the Student-Athlete Enhancement Center

Ever found yourself saying, “I’m an upper-division student and have a lot of free time, is there an option for me?” Of course! The Student-Athlete Enhancement Center accepts academic mentors to work with student-athletes in small groups or individually to help with successful study strategies and test preparation. If you want to help the success of fellow students, check here for more information on the position.

College may be expensive, but it at least offers many interesting jobs to earn money. I’ve only touched the surface of the jobs that MTSU has to offer. For more on-campus employment opportunities, the Career Development Center can help find the job that’s right for you. Personally, the most useful resource I’ve found when looking for employment opportunities has been the Lightning Career Link website. The right job is out there for you. Best of luck!