9 Cool Extracurriculars

Does your school schedule consist only of classes and naps? While that might be nice in the moment, you’re going to want to look back on your college days and think of all the cool experiences you had, not all the awesome naps you took. If you’re ready to make some memories, check out this list of 9 cool extracurricular activities offered at MTSU!

Mock Trial

Have you always dreamed of starring in your own “Law and Order” episode? If so, mock trial may be for you! This one-credit class is basically a trial simulation. Students are given roles as either a witness or an attorney, and the class is divided into teams that spend the semester preparing their case for trial. The culmination of all this preparation? Tournaments in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, and Memphis, where mock trial teams from schools across the country gather together to battle out their trial in real courtrooms. Click here to check them out! 

MTSU Anime Club

Meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, this club gets together to watch anime movies, read anime novels, and discuss them all! Meetings are typically held in the Student Union, and it’s recommended to check the club’s Facebook page for the updates, news, and activities for that week. For more information, click here to see the club’s MyMT page.

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA is a legislative body made up of students from MTSU; they get to make resolutions that directly affect the school (such as trying to get certain restaurants on campus, lobbying for more parking, and changing up the menus at the cafeterias). Each college at MTSU is represented according to the size of its student body, which means that students of any major can participate in SGA, and there are even open seats for students who are undeclared.  If you’re looking to make a difference, click here to check out SGA! 


If you haven’t seen it around Peck Hall or the honors college already, Collage is the arts and literary magazine of MTSU. Featuring work by students and recent graduates, this once-a-semester magazine is a smorgasbord of poetry, photography, and artwork. It accepts submissions nearly year-round, but if you’d like to be more deeply involved, click here to apply to be on their staff and help decide which artists make it into each issue! 


Perhaps the broadest category of extracurriculars, internships are also one of the most useful. They give you the one thing that very few college students have: professional work experience. Any internship will make your resume stand out from the crowd, and the networking opportunities you’ll have will be invaluable. The best part is, you can find internships for virtually any major. For tips on how to get started on your internship search, click here. 

Cinema Club

Calling all movie buffs: there’s actually a cinema club on campus! Meetings are held in the Mass Comm building, where the club gathers to watch and discuss one movie a week. This club is fairly new and growing, so if you want to get in on the action, get in now and help them choose upcoming films! Click here to check out the club’s MyMT page, or look them up on Facebook. 

Japanese Martial Arts Club

This club practices Shinkendo, a method of Japanese swordsmanship! Way to impress people, right? Meetings are offered twice a week, and anyone from beginners to advanced practitioners are welcome. The club is recognized by the International Shinkendo Foundation, so the teaching and forms are official. If you’re looking for a really cool way to get more active (or an excuse to play with swords), click here to see the club’s page.

Political Groups 

If you’re proud of your political beliefs and not afraid to show it, MTSU has student chapters of the Democratic, Republican, and Green parties all represented on campus. Most groups have monthly meetings, which may involve guest speakers (such as state representatives) or social activities (picnics, parties, and usually free food!). To get involved, check out each group’s organizational page on MyMT by clicking here.

Quidditch League of MTSU 

Calling all Harry Potter fans: this is not a drill. MTSU has an actual, official Quidditch League! Practices are usually weekly, and people of all skill levels are invited to join. The best part? The team actually competes in games and tournaments with other Quidditch teams from nearby states! Anyone who’s interested is invited to check out the team’s Facebook page, or click here to see their organization page.

To find out more about any of these activities, or to find out what other cool opportunities MTSU has to offer, click here to check out the complete list of student organizations and activities.