Best Features of MTSU Residence Halls

Middle Tennessee State University Residence Halls

If you’re new to living on campus, choosing a dormitory can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to figure out the unique atmosphere of each dorm hall and apartment building without actually living there, but have no fear! Below is a list of each dorm complex’s best features and amenities, so whether you’re about to move to campus or are a veteran on-campus student, you can compare the benefits of each dorm for yourself.

Lyon and Monohan

The steps outside of Monohan Hall

The steps outside of Monohan Hall


Often considered the favorite dorms at MTSU, both of these complexes boast large rooms, clean halls, and quiet atmospheres. Lyon also features a 24/7 computer lab that is open to residents of Lyon, Monohan and Rutledge. These are the ideal dorms if you’re looking for a great study atmosphere, and want to be surrounded by people who will respect your need for quiet and privacy.


Exterior of Rutledge Hall - one of the oldest residence halls on MTSU's campus.

Exterior of Rutledge Hall – one of the oldest residence halls on MTSU’s campus.


Nicknamed “The Rut” by its residents, this dorm is a lot more than the nickname suggests. One of the oldest dorms on campus, Rutledge boasts a vintage staircase, long halls, and a downstairs lounge with a community TV. It also has one of the smallest numbers of residents, so chances are you’ll get to know most of the people in the building. This is a great dorm if you’re looking for a place with rustic charm and a small, tight community.

Corlew and Cummings

Exterior photograph of Jim Cummings hall entrance.

Exterior entrance to Jim Cummings hall.

Nicknamed “The Towers” by students, Corlew and Cummings are by far the tallest and most populated dorms on campus. They are also the only two freshmen-only dorms, so if you’re new to campus, they’re the perfect place to make friends who will understand your struggles. If you’re a freshman looking to jump into a huge, welcoming community of new friends, these are the dorms for you.  I would also recommend getting involved with one of our 100+ student organizations on campus.   Meeting new people and keeping yourself open to new things during the start of your college experience can really help you grow as a person and create lasting friendships. 

Deere and Nicks

The courtyard and balconies of Deere Hall.

The courtyard and balconies of Deere Hall.

 These dorms are just a short walk away from the Campus Recreation Center, and they also feature the Global Learning Community, which seeks to bring international students and local students together to exchange cultural experiences. If you’re an international student, a Global Studies major, or just somebody who loves to explore other cultures, these dorms would be perfect for you!


Beasley, Sims, Judd, Gracy, and Smith

A student walks across the commons area of the Quad.

A student walks across the commons area of the Quad.

 Why did I lump all these dorms together? Because they form the tightest inter-dorm community on campus, often called “The Quad” by students (despite the fact that there are actually five dorms here). These dorms feature “Living/Learning Communities”, which try to house students of the same majors near each other, so the students from the Quad often have a lot in common and bond easily. Built in a semi-square, these dorms share a spacious, grassy courtyard and are right next to the Cyber Cafe, which features a mini-market and a Subway that are both open–wait for it–until 2am every night! If you’re a night owl or want to live near people of your major, come check out the Quad. 

Womack Lane

Family-style apartment buildings at Womack.

Family-style apartment buildings at Womack.

 This apartment complex is open to all students, but was especially built for married students or students with children. Each apartment comes with a fully furnished kitchen and a dining room for a family, and better yet, the complex features a daycare for students’ children. If you’re looking to move your family to MTSU with you, these are definitely the apartments for you.

Scarlett Commons

An apartment complex at Scarlett Commons.

An apartment complex at Scarlett Commons.

These apartments are located near the Campus Recreation center and Greek Row, so if you’re a workout buff or a member of Greek life, you can’t beat Scarlett’s location. These apartments offer more privacy than most other on-campus options, with four students sharing a living space, with two to a bathroom and a private bedroom to each. Scarlett even boasts a 24/7 clubhouse, so if you want all the benefits of apartment-living with the great location of on-campus living, this is the place for you.  


There you have it: the best of each of MTSU’s residence halls! Each dorm is unique and offers special benefits to its residents, so take time to consider which one is your ideal living space. If you want to know more about the features and floor plans of each residence hall, click here to go to MTSU Housing’s website.