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Blackman Collegiate Academy juniors discover MTSU ...

Blackman Collegiate Academy juniors discover MTSU offerings [+VIDEO]

Blackman High School juniors who are part of the Blackman Collegiate Academy partnership with MTSU visited the university Tuesday, Feb. 12, and learned about biology research, how foreign languages can enhance their lives, unmanned aircraft systems and more.

Eighty Blackman students visited MTSU as part of the partnership between the university and the Rutherford County high school on the west side of Murfreesboro.

Jonathan Trundle makes a photographic demonstration.

MTSU photography associate professor Jonathan Trundle demonstrates a photographic sound trigger coupled to an electronic flash for Blackman Collegiate Academy students attending his morning session Feb. 12 in the McFarland Building. It was part of a daylong visit by Blackman High juniors to learn about admissions procedures and academic programs at the university. (MTSU photo by Andy Heidt)

The MTSU-Blackman partnership visit is one of several arranged each semester during the academic year. The agreement gives Blackman students opportunities to spend time on the college campus, where they meet MTSU students, faculty and administrators and learn about many of the university’s 300-plus undergraduate and graduate programs.

MTSU’s recording industry and physics and astronomy departments, the School of Nursing, Department of Theatre and Dance, the Mechatronics Engineering Program, College of Education, and photography program were among the options for Blackman students to visit on the BCA Day at MTSU.

Faculty members participating in the Blackman visit included:

• Dr. Walter Boles, chair of the Department of Engineering Technology.

• Christy Davis, director of the Ann Campbell Early Learning Center.

Dr. Lynn Boyd, chair of the Department of Biology.

Dr. Roger Pieroni, chair of the Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

• Jonathan Trundle, associate professor of photography.

• Theatre associate professor Kristi Shamburger.

• Unmanned Aircraft Systems Program operation manager Doug Campbell.

• School of Nursing assistant professor Barbara Lancaster.

• Department of Media Arts chair Billy Pittard.

• Val Hoeppner, Center for Innovation in Media director.

• Dr. Ron Henderson, physics and astronomy chair.

• Christy Groves from the James E. Walker Library.

• John Merchant, associate professor in recording industry.

Earlier in the day, the visiting students learned about admissions procedures from director Linda Olsen and experiential learning from EXL director Carol Swayze.

Blackman assistant principal Ken Reed, who is director of the collegiate academy, led the BCA students during the visit.

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Roger Pieroni, second from right, chair in the MTSU Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures, listens as a Blackman High School junior shares about her interests and favorite subject.

Dr. Roger Pieroni, second from right, chair of MTSU’s Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures, listens as a Blackman High School junior discusses her interests and favorite subject. Eighty Blackman Collegiate Academy juniors attended BCA Day Feb. 12 at MTSU. (MTSU photo by Andy Heidt)

MTSU biology chair Lynn Boyd discusses scientific research MTSU

MTSU biology chair Lynn Boyd, right, discusses MTSU students’ opportunities for scientific research with high school students from the Blackman Collegiate Academy during BCA Day Feb. 12 in a Science Building classroom at MTSU. (MTSU photo by Andy Heidt)