Chaz Bono shares experiences for LGBT awareness at...

Chaz Bono shares experiences for LGBT awareness at MTSU (video)

Author and LGBT rights advocate Chaz Bono was a literal golden child of Hollywood royalty, spending his middle school years “living my life from the neck up,” being viciously bullied because he was different. And that was when he was still Chastity Bono, the adorable blonde blue-jeaned daughter of entertainers Sonny and Cher, more than 30 years before he changed his name, his gender and his life.

“I knew at 4 or 5 (years old) that something was different. I remember wondering what had happened to me,” the human rights advocate told a near-full house at MTSU’s Tucker Theatre Tuesday, April 9. “Did I have an accident? Did I hit my head? Did something happen to make me feel differently? I had to try to make the best of it.” Learn more about his keynote address for MTSU’s weeklong SpringOut! 2013 celebration at