MTSU develops curriculum for professionals to help...

MTSU develops curriculum for professionals to help traumatized children

MTSU’s Center for Health & Human Services is working to ensure that the troubles and tragedies of life do not impede children’s opportunities.

In partnership with the departments of Social Work and Health and Human Performance and the College of Education, the center will work to develop a curriculum on adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs.

“Future MTSU graduates will be given the tools needed to help address the number of children presenting with ACEs in the communities which they serve,” said Cynthia Chafin, the center’s associate director for community programs.

Center for Health and Human Services interim director

Cynthia Chafin

Chafin said MTSU students will learn how these adverse experiences affect children’s brain architecture, behavioral issues, long-term health effects and community issues. The goal is to influence how practitioners who strive to help children address ACEs and promote a practice of trauma-informed care.

The curriculum is part of a grant proposal titled “All Children Excelling through a Comprehensive Network of Trained Providers.” Funding is provided by the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services through its Building Stronger Brains initiative.

MTSU’s Center for Health and Human Services, in partnership with the Adams Chair of Excellence in Health Care Services, initiates and strengthens academic programs in health and human services to support workforce development and promote healthy communities.

Through collaboration and partnership, the center facilitates research, communications, education and training in public health issues important to Tennessee and consistent with MTSU’s mission and purpose.

For more information, contact Chafin at 615-898-5493 or or visit the center’s website at

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