[WATCH] MTSU EXL students present workplace civili...

[WATCH] MTSU EXL students present workplace civility projects

An impressive panel of area business professionals listened and watched intently as four student teams from professor Jackie Gilbert’s upper-level management course consolidated months of research and collaboration into 15-minute presentations inside a classroom at MTSU’s Business and Aerospace Building. The self-managed teams — Team Schaeffer Analytics, Team Gratify, Team MC Corporation and Team Proactivists — were part of Gilbert’s Fall 2015 MTSU EXL Principles of Management class in the Jennings A. Jones College of Business. Dressed in business attire and fighting nerves throughout, the groups gave presentations surrounding the workplace bullying issues of stalking, emotional abuse, hazing and mobbing. Each four- to six-member team focused on a specific topic. Here’s a recap:

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Video by Jimmy Hart

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