Global Raiders: Graduate student moves 6,000 miles...

Global Raiders: Graduate student moves 6,000 miles away from home in Nigeria to follow dreams at MTSU

I am Temitope. I came from Nigeria to pursue my dream of becoming a professional in Healthcare Informatics as I have always had a keen interest in the health sector and a flair for IT applications.

I got to know about MTSU through an alumnus of the school. I decided to attend MTSU for a couple of reasons including the international-friendly environment detailed by past alumni of the school, the scholarships offered to international students and the robust Healthcare Informatics program.

Leaving my home, which is approximately 6,000 miles away from the USA, I experienced culture shock. The norms as reflected in the slangs, foods, small talk, greetings and attitude were very different from the norms in my country. I have come to realize that having a culture shock is inevitable for an international student in a new environment. With the help of the international office, my professors, academic advisors and friends I have made, MTSU has become the school I imagined.

Getting involved in campus activities, no matter how little, helped me get over my culture shock and interact with people. I remember having a lot of fun on a trip organized for international students by MTSU to the Nashville Zoo during spring break. The African Students Organization meeting solidified my love for MTSU as an international student, I felt completely at home. I was also opportuned to attend the club meetings of Master of Science in Professional Sciences (MSPS) where professionals were invited to educate us on useful tips that are relevant in the job market today.

The Healthcare Informatics program is one of the best programs to consider in this ever-changing world, the importance of informatics in healthcare cannot be contested. The internship experience which will enable me to explore what I am being taught within the classroom in real world experience is one of the major reasons I decided to study Healthcare Informatics at MTSU. All the Professors and academic advisors are always ready to help and are actively involved in their students’ success.

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, I was opportuned to participate in a Graduate Certification Program organized by MTSU which helps to improve an individual’s mode of teaching while utilizing modern day techniques. The library and the recreation center are two places I love to visit when I do not have classes. The library is very resourceful, and the recreation center is filled with so many fitness and exercise equipment to work with. The food pantry is another place I like to visit where each student has access to edibles and toiletries every week. Leaving home is never an easy decision, but MTSU is a place you want to be, a place where you are welcome, a place that gives room for all-round development.

I am glad I made the choice to study at MTSU!

Temitope Obisesan is a graduate student in the Professional Science program with a concentration in Health Care Informatics. She is part of the International Student Ambassador program that was launched in the Fall of 2020 by the Office of International Affairs. Ambassadors mentor incoming international students to help them adjust to the United States and give advice about getting involved on campus and how to be successful at MTSU.